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ParadeParade Grand Marshalls 1963 - 2022

Rockland County AOH Parades

Rockland County AOH St. Patrick’s Day 
Parade  Founded 1962

First Annual Parade

1963 - March 17th– New City
Parade Dedication
“To God and Country”

Grand marshal
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stanislaus J McGovern - 1963

County President---------------------------- Frank J. McDonald
Parade Chairperson------------------------Raymond W. Sheridan
Honorary Chairman -Most Rev. William A. Arnold, Auxiliary Bishop and Military Ordinate
Grand Marshal------------------------------ Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stanislaus J. McGovern
Aides to Grand Marshal
Patrick Casey John F. Skahen, M. Ambrose McCabe,
Patrick Campbell and Dr. Thomas F. Sullivan

1st Battalion Commander----------------- Lt. Col. Charles F. O’Donnell
2nd Battalion Commander---------------- Eugene P O’Brien
3rd Battalion Commander----------------- John P. Schofield
4th Battalion Commander-----------------Peter Anderson Jr.

Judges---------------------------------------- John J. Reilly, Joseph R. Dunnigan, Michael H. Prendergast

St. Helena’s---------------------------------------------------Best Appearing Unit
Rockland County Police Benevolent Association-------Best Appearing Non Musical Unit
Albertus Magnus H.S.----------------------------------------Best Appearing H.S
Lady of Mercy, Park Ridge---------------------------------Best Appearing C.Y.O. Unit
Sacred Heart School, Suffern------------------------------Best Appearing Elementary School
Sacred Heart School, Yonkers-----------------------------Best School Pipe Band
Joyce Kilmer Assembly Fourth Degree, K. Of C.-------Best Marching Formation Unit
St. Anthony’s C.Y.O. Nanuet--------------------------------Best Conduct while Marching
Mary Gilligan & Children of Irish Class-----------------Best Dressed Native Irish Children Group
County Down Association Fife & Drum Corps. ---------Best Irish County Represented
St. Gregory Barbarigo--------------------------------------Best Showing C.Y.O. Group
St. Margarets-------------------------------------------------Best represented Parish
A.O.H. Division 9, Bronx----------------------------------Best Sounding Accordion Band, Musical Unit

The first Rockland County Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was held in New City on Sunday March 17th.

Estimated 4,500 marchers and approximately 35,000 spectators enjoyed this great Parade. The Grandmarshal for the day was the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stanislaus J. McGovern of St. Joseph’s Church, Spring Valley.
There were two official reviewing stands one at St Augustine’s and one at the courthouse. Many dignitaries were in the reviewing stand at St. Augustine’s to view the parade. Enjoying the parade were The Most Rev, William A. Arnold, Auxiliary bishop of New York Archdiocese, with him were Rev, James J. Kelly of Sacred Heart church in Suffern, dean of Clergy; Rev. Michael Toner of St. Margarets, Pearl River, Rev. James Leddy, of St Augustine’s, and the Hibernian Chaplain Rev. James Gilmartin of Letchworth Village.

Second Annual Parade
1964 - March 22nd– New City

County President---------------------------- Frank J. McDonald
Parade Chairperson------------------------Raymond W. Sheridan

Grand Marshal------------------------------ Judge John F. Skahen

The Ancient Order of Hibernians sponsored their 2nd Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New City to an overflowing crowd. There were two reviewing stands, one located at St. Augustine’s church and the other at the County Courthouse. In the reviewing stand were such dignitaries as Rev. Msgr. Michael Toner of St. Margarets, Pearl River, Rev, Msgr. James J. Kelly of Sacred Heart church, Rev. Msgr. George F. Brennan of St. Augustine’s.
The weather for the parade was a beautiful day with the sun shining and not a drop of rain in sight.

Third Annual Parade
1965 - March 21st – Pearl River

Parade Chairperson------------------------Raymond W. Sheridan
Grand Marshal------------------------------ Patrick Casey

Judges------------------------------------------ Rev. Vincent Wallace, Joseph St. Lawrence,
John Lakeland, John Grant, John Reilly, John Schofield, Charles O’Dowd jr.

The judges in the following categories presented awards.

St. Anthony’s -------------------------------------Best appearing School
Dominican College----------------------------- Best appearing College
St. Agatha’s --------------------------------------Best appearing C.Y.O.
St. Gregory Barbarigo--------------------------Best conduct while marching
O’Connell & Fay’s Irish Dancing Group---Best Irish Children’s Group
St. Thomas Aquinas College------------------Best Represented Adult Catholic Group
St Margarets--------------------------------------Best represented Parish
St. Augustine’s-----------------------------------Best Uniformed appearance
Division II----------------------------------------Best Sponsoring Unit
Bridgeport P.A.L. band-------------------------Best appearance
Bergen Catholic H.S.---------------------------Best Band
Salesian H.S. New Rochelle--------------------Best Dress Formation

The weather for the parade was a chilly 24-degree temperature with biting winds making it a cold, cold day.

Fourth Annual Parade
1966 - March 20th – Haverstraw

Parade Chairperson------------------------Raymond W. Sheridan

Grand Marshal------------------------------ Rt. Rev. Msgr. James M. Gilmartin

Judges------------------------------------------ Robert Meehan

The judges presented awards in the following categories.

Emerald Society Pipe Band, NYC. Police Dept.---- Best Appearance
Rosary Academy, Sparkill------------------------------- Best Appearance High School
Dominican College, Blauvelt--------------------------- Best Appearance College
St. Anthony’s, Nanuet------------------------------------ Best Appearance grade School
Bergen Catholic High School--------------------------- Best Band
Salesian High School, New Rochelle, NY. ---------- Best dressed in Formation
St. Paul’s School, in Congers. -------------------------- Best Conduct while marching
Sacred Heart High School, Yonkers------------------ Best Appearance with Irish Music
St. Peters, Haverstraw----------------------------------- Best represented Parish
St. Agatha Drill Team, Nanuet------------------------- Best appearing Uniform
John Cardinal Dalton Division III-------------------- AOH Division with most marchers

Fifth Annual Parade
1967 - March 19th - Suffern
Parade Chairperson------------------------ F. Wilson Smith
Parade Commander------------------------Lt. Col. C. F. O’Donnell
James A. Farley
Grand Marshal----------------------------- Cornelius Lucey
1st Battalion Commander----------------- Kevin Meagher
2nd Battalion Commander---------------- Peter Anderson
3rd Battalion Commander----------------- John Boyle

The weather was brisk and sunny, but very cold, for the parade

 Sixth Annual Parade
1968 - March 17th– New City

County President---------------------------- John L. O’Sullivan
Parade Chairperson------------------------ John L. O’Sullivan
Grand Marshal----------------------------- Robert Meehan D.A.
Aide to Grand Marshal------------------- Judge John F. Skahen
The judges presented awards in the following categories.

Msgr John Flannery, St. Peters-------------------A.O.H. County Trophy for Most Outstanding service to the A.O.H.
Yonkers Kilty Band----------------------------------- Freeman Agency Trophy, best pipers band
Knights of Columbus of Rockland County---------Provident Savings and Loan Trophy Best showing of a Group
Marine Corp League of Rockland County-------- Rockland County Sheriff’s Dept. Trophy for best Color Guard.
St Augustines New City------------------------------Rockland D.A’s Trophy for Best Marching Grammar School
Rosary Academy-----------------------------Rockland County Republican Committee Trophy Best Military Showing
Sacred Heart H.S. Yonkers--------------------------Jerry Mastromarino Trophy Best High School Band.
Albertus Magnus--------------------------------------County Trust Company Trophy, Best H.S. Line of March.
O’Connell & Fay’s Irish School of Dancing-----Rock Industries Trophy, Best Demonstrating Unit
N.Y. Fife & Drum Regimental Band--------------Rockland National BankTrophy, Best Band
Elmsford H.S------------------------------------------Tappan Zee National Bank Trophy, Best formation, H.S. Band
Paulette Girls Drum Corp, Brooklyn--------------Rheingold Breweries Trophy, Best Formation Marching Order
St. Agatha’s Home------------------------------------Haverstraw Town board, Best Institutional Unit

The official reviewing stand was on the County Courthouse grounds while a second reviewing stand was erected at St Augustines for the clergy and guests.
The weather was the worst ever for a county parade the marchers were drenched in a steady downpour,

 Seventh Annual Parade
1969 – March 23rd – Pearl River

Grand Marshal-----------------------------Raymond Sheridan

 Eight Annual Parade
1970 – March 22nd – Pearl River

Parade Chairperson------------------------ Raymond Sheridan
Grand Marshal------------------------------ Peter Anderson Sr.

The judges in the following categories presented awards

Salesian H.S. New Rochelle-----------------Best High School Band
St. Agnes School Sparkill--------------------Best Marching Unit
St. Margarets---------------------------------Best represented group
St. Gregory Barbarigo----------------------Best in line of March
Pearl River Cadets--------------------------Best Fife and Drum
St. Vincent Ferre, Brooklyn----------------Best Parish Band

Occasional hailstones and showers failed to dampen the spirits of the marchers

Ninth Annual Parade
1971 – March 21st – Suffern

County President----------------------------Thomas Murray
Grand Marshal------------------------------ Frank Geoghan

Tenth Annual Parade
1972 – March 19th – Pearl River

County President----------------------------Thomas Murray
Parade Co-Chairperson-------------------- Cornelius O’Sullivan
Parade Co-Commander-------------------- Michael Woods
Grand Marshal------------------------------ Tim Finn
Honorary Grand Marshal ----------------Rt. Rev. Msgr. William Brady
Aides------------------------------------------- Daniel Geelan, William DeLaney,
James P. Naughton John Grant,
Edward Fitzpatrick, Jack Coyle
Joseph Burns, John King

James J. Mullins --------------------------- Narrator

Eleventh Annual Parade

1973 – March 18th – Pearl River


                     Parade Dedication

             To President Richard Nixon

 “Having secured peace for our Nation with Honor”


County President ---------------------------------------Thomas Murray

Parade Chairman----------------------------------------Raymond W. Sheridan

Parade C0-Commander------------------------------- Col. Charles F.  O’Donnell

Parade Co-Commander--------------------------------Lt. Col. James Gribbon

Grand Marshal -----------------------------------------Thomas Murray

Honorary Grand Marshal-----------------------------Rt. Rev. Msgr. James Kelly


James Casey, Edward Fitzpatrick, Edward Morris


1st Battalion Commander -----------------------------Bradley Bobb

2nd Battalion Commander ----------------------------John A. Murphy

3rd Battalion Commander ----------------------------Denis Mulvihill


The parade was held with an icy cold wind and snow flurries

1979 – March 18th – Pearl River
Grand Marshal - John O’Grady

County President --------------------------------------- John Foody
Honored Guest-------------------------------------------Mario Biaggi, Congressman
Parade Narrator-----------------------------------------Timothy Finn
Awards Chairman -------------------------------------John F. Connally
Awards Committee--------------------------------------Rev. Thomas Murphy, Pastor, Sacred, Tappan
Henry Egling, Executive Ruler, Elks Lodge. P.R.
Edward Hanrahan, Irish Tourist Board
Sean O’Connell, Irish Tourist Board

Knights of Columbus--------------------------------------Best Color Guard
Pearl River Fire Department-----------------------------Best Adult Group
Emerald Society of New York State Court System—Best Bagpipe Band
Pearl River Cadets------------------------------------------Best Senior Band
Rockland Civil Air Patrol---------------------------------Best Drill Team
St. Margarets Grade 1 through 8------------------------------Best School Unit
Sue Roberts Irish Dancing School-----------------------Best Children’s Unit
St. Margarets Spirit of ‘76---------------------------------Best Junior Band
Sligo Mens Association------------------------------------Best Irish American Unit
A.O.H. Division V------------------------------------------Best A.O.H. Division

The weather was blustery making it difficult to carry the Banners and Flags. However the sun was shining which helped to make this parade enjoyable

1985 – March 17th – Pearl River
1985 - John Foody
Twenty Third Annual Parade

1985 – March 17th – Pearl River
1985 - John Foody

County President --------------------------------------- Des Neary
Parade Chairman--------------------------------------- Connie Sullivan

Grand Marshal ----------------------------------------- John J. Foody
Aide to NYC Grand Marshal -------------------------William Kelly

The parade was held in cold weather with snow forecast for the day.
Fortunately the snow stayed away for the duration of the parade.

1988 – March 20th – Pearl River
Thomas Mooney
Twenty Sixth Annual Parade

1988 – March 20th – Pearl River
Thomas Mooney

Thomas Mooney will lead the 26th Annual Rockland County St. Patrick’s day parade down Central Avenue, Pearl River, Sunday, March 20th, 1988.
In his twenty-two years as a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Thomas Mooney of Orangeburg has either marched in every St. Patrick’s Day Parade or has worked behind the scenes to organize what has become the County’s largest Parade.
He has also held every office in the organization working his way up to President of Division III and President of the County Board.
Mooney has lived in Orangeburg since 1959 with his wife Mary, three daughters and two sons.

Parade Dedication
“To the Late Sean McBride, founder of Amnesty International and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize”

County President ----------------------------------------- John Cawley
Grand Marshal ------------------------------------------- Tom Mooney
NYCFD Emerald Society---------------------------------Best large Pipe Band
Our Lady of Refuge----------------------------------------Best Fife & Drum
FD Weschester County------------------------------------Best small Pipe Band
RCPD Emerald Society------------------------------------Best Senior Marching Group
Clarkstown Police Honor Guard-------------------------Best Color Guard
Cathedral H.S.-----------------------------------------------Best large H.S. Band
Ramapo H.S.-------------------------------------------------Best small H.S. Band
St. Gregory Barbarigo--------------------------------------Best School
Inisfree School of Dance-----------------------------------Best Junior Childrens Group
The Blue Phanthoms---------------Tie---------------Best Junior Children’s Band
Sacred Heart School, Suffern----Tie------------- Best Junior Children’s Band
RC. Irish Northern Aid-------------------------------Best Intermediate Civic Group

The Parade was held in blustery conditions

Grand Marshal -  2000 - Gerry Walsh

Thirty Eight Annual Parade 2000 – Pearl River


Gerald C. Walsh was born March 15th, 1946, in the Bronx to Stanley and Loretta Walsh. His family moved to Blauvelt in 1955, and Gerry has lived in Rockland County since then. A graduate of Tappan Zee High School, where he first met his wife Bonnie (Coffey), Gerry graduated from college in 1967 with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Charleston (W.VA). “Uncle Sam” interrupted his graduate studies when he was drafted into the United States Army. While serving in the Army he “did the smartest thing he ever done” and married Bonnie, “the love of my life”, in 1969. Upon his discharge from the Army in 1971, he took a management trainee job in sales with New York Telephone Company, and has parlayed that into a successful 29-year career in the telecommunications industry with several major companies. Bonnie is a registered nurse, and has worked for United Hospice of Rockland for over 10 years. In 1984 they moved to their present home in Pearl River.

Gerry and Bonnie have four children, who truly are their pride and joy. Brian (24) graduated from Bucknell University with majors in Political Science and English. He works on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. where he serves as Communications Director for Congressman Nick Smith) R; ML). Kevin (23) graduated with honors from Dartmouth College with a degree in Philosophy, attained a Masters degree in Theology (concentration in ethics) from the University of Notre Dame, and is currently in his first year of study at Harvard Law School. He and his college sweetheart, Shannon Jarosh, are getting married this June. Brendan (21) will graduate in May from the University of Notre Dame, where he served this past year as Head Manager of the University’s “Fighting Irish” football team. An accounting major, he will be working after graduation at the New York City office of DeLoitte & Touche. Kerry Ann (16) is in her junior year at nearby Immaculate Heart Academy. She also is interested in politics and government and would love to work in Washington, D.C., after graduation from college.

Gerry’s pride at being Irish was instilled in him by his father, whose ancestors had first immigrated to America in the latter part of the 19th century in the years following the Great Hunger. He has been very active in the A.O.H. since being urged to join in 1988 by his friend (and former Grand Marshal) Judge William Kelly. His first job as membership chairman resulted in a great increase in membership that served to re-energize Division II. As Division Vice President for two years and President for three years, Gerry worked on all Division activities, most of which benefited the Scholarship Fund that was started under his direction. He also ran Division II’s annual picnic for four years that benefited Project Children. Concurrent with his Division activities, Gerry also became very active with the A.O.H. on the County level. He served as Vice President for six years, and is the immediate past president County President, in which office he served for two years. He was in charge of the Emerald Ball Journal for seven years, and was successful in raising thousands of dollars for the Rockland County A.O.H. This money is the main source of financing for our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Additionally, he is in his third year as co-chairman of the Great Hunger Memorial Committee. He also continues to work on the journal and scholarship committee’s, as well as working each year at the Rockland County Feis.

Gerry’s community service is extensive. An active member of St. Anthony’s parish in Nanuet, he served on the Parish Council and later was editor of its 100th Anniversary Journal. He was a Little League coach or manager for several years, parish basketball coach, Boy Scout committeeman, and continues to serve as a Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor. An active participant in the local political scene, Gerry has been a town Republican committeeman for over ten years, and was first appointed and later elected to the position of Councilman, Town of Orangetown, in which position he served for one and a half years. He is also a founding member of the Rockland County Chapter of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, and currently serves as its historian.

In conclusion, Gerry states “I cannot conceive of any higher community honor being bestowed upon me than being elected Grand Marshal of the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. So many other great men and women have preceded me in this position, and I am honored to be in their company. I am proud of my Irish heritage, proud of the Rockland County A.O.H., proud of America and extremely proud to lead our Millennium Parade. Thank you for this great honor”.

Gerry, We are also very proud of you. Congratulations!

Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians 39th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Sunday, March 19 2000 Pearl River New York.



This Parade is dedicated to the memory of Fr. Peter Lappin. S.D.B., former Grand Marshal of this fine parade and former Chaplain to the Rockland County Men and Women’s A.O.H. A prolific writer, speaker and humanitarian whose Leprechaun smile and devotion to Irish causes was our guiding light and spirit. May we continue to pray for peace in Northern Ireland, a cases that was at the pinnacle of his many endeavors.


In Memoriam

For all deceased members of the Men’s and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians of Rockland County, New York.



Joseph Wrafter, Brian Pearson, Mary Cassidy, William Dwyer, John Haugh.


General Committee

Parade Co-Chairperson’s           Mary O’Sullivan, John Devlin

Committee                                  Tom Cawley, Patricia Dwyer, Cyril Hughes

                                                    Ray Sheridan, Mark Walker

Formation Chairman                  Mark Walker                          

Treasurer                                    James Normoyle

Arrangements Chairman            John Foody

Journal Chairman                       Ray Sheridan, Pat Hogan

Announcer                                  Nick Murphy

Secretary                                    Eileen Walker

Awards Chairperson                  Patricia Dwyer

Emerald Ball Chairpersons        Patricia and Dan Barry

Program                                     Pat Hogan

Reviewing Stand                       Martin Fogarty


Parade Commander                   Richard R. Kaiser, State Commander


Grand Marshal                          Gerry Walsh, A.O.H.Division II


Aides to Grand Marshall          Eileen McElerney, L.A.O.H. County Board

                                                  Margaret Sheridan, L.A.O.H. Div # 1

                                                  Teresa Morris, L.A.O.H. Div # 3

                                                  Jim Russell, A.O.H. #1

                                                  Patrick Courtney A.O.H. Div. # 2

                                                  Robert Scully A.O.H. Div. # 3

                                                  Matt Byrne, A.O.H. Div # 4

                                                  Tom Jennings, A.O.H. Div. # 5

                                                  Alice Fogarty, Feis

                                                 Edward Shanley, Rockland Irish American Cultural Center

                                                 Vinnie Maher, Rockland County Shields

                                                 Noel O’Connell, Rockland County G.A.A

                                                 Brian Moore, R.C. Police Emerald Society


Battalion Commanders


First Battalion

Battalion Commander: John Cawley, A.O.H. Div. # 5 South Orangetown

Second Battalion:

Battalion Commander: Martin Mahoney, A.O.H. Div. # 3 Pearl River

Third Battalion

Battalion Commander: Terry Lynch, A.O.H. Div #1, North Rockland

Fourth Battalion

Battalion Commander: Barry Tesseyman, A.O.H. Div. # 4 Suffern

Fifth Battalion

Battalion Commander: Frank McCabe, A.O.H. Div # 2 Clarkstown


Grand Marshal 2001 - Francis Wilson Smith

Some of Wilson’s ancestors migrated from Limerick in 1817 to help build the Erie Barge Canal. His great grandfather, who enlisted in the N.Y. 75th Volunteers, was killed in the Civil War in 1863, without ever seeing his younger daughter, born after his enlistment. This daughter, Elizabeth Daily later married Wilson’s grandfather, John Patrick Smith, born on St. Patrick’s Day 1849, in St Peter’s parish, Haverstraw.

Wilson was born in Garnerville, New York, in 1917. He is a charter member of the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians. He was co-founder and first drum major of the Haverstraw High School Band, now the North Rockland Band.

Married to Rosemary (Kiely/Meade) Smith, they have six children, twenty-one grandchildren and four great grandchildren, at the last count.

Wilson, as he is called, led a busy life. He served in the American Merchant Marine for three years before World War II. Later, he served in the U.S. Army for four years. As a forward observer in General Patton’s third Army in the European Theatre of Operations, he earned the Bronze Star.

Returning from World War II, he immediately joined High Tor Post 2803 Veterans of Foreign Wars, where as commander of its Color Guard and Firing Squad, he has served for fifty-four years. He is past County Commander of the V.F.W. Wilson has also been a member of the Harold B. Holt Post, American Legion, for forty six years. He is a member of the Haverstraw B.P.O. Elks #877 for forty-eight years.

Wilson was recently honored as a fifty-year member of the Knights of Columbus; more recently, he was honored for having served as a Committeeman of Rockland County for fifty years. Wilson is a member of St. Gregory Barbarigo Parish, where he served as an Usher, and has served as on the Parish Council for several years.

He is a board member and treasurer of the Stony Point Bay Corporation from 1982 till the present, a member and chaplain of the Seaweed Yacht Club, now the Cannon Ball Yacht Club, for twenty years. Wilson is a founder and president of the F. Wilson Smith Co. a wholesale food distributor, which served most of the restaurants in Rockland and surrounding Counties for fifty years.

In addition to this, Wilson was elected trustee, Village of West Haverstraw (served five years) elected councilman, Town of Haverstraw (served twelve years); elected Town Republican Chairman of Haverstraw (served three and a half years); elected Rockland County Commissioner (Republican) of Elections (served four years).

Wilson was Formation Chairman, under Ray Sheridan, for the first four A.O.H. parades and Parade Chairman for the fifth parade, held in Suffern in 1967.

He considers it a great honor to top this off by being Grand Marshal.


Grand Marshal 2002 - Brian Pearson 

In many ways, Brian Desmond Pearson’s life has been a metaphor for the Irish peace process. Born on May 22nd, 1951, to Johnny Pearson and Mary McCluskey in Clogher, County Tyrone, Brian joined older brothers Noel, Sean, and Phillip.

 One of Brian’s earliest memories is of older children trying to force him to walk under the Union Jack on his way to the Clogher Convent Primary School. “I just ignored them”, he remembers. “I didn’t let them make me walk under it”. After attending Fivemeletown High School, Brian then fifteen, went to Omagh, and began an apprenticeship in carpentry at the Omagh Technical College.

At 18, Brian finished his apprenticeship with the Henry Corey Construction Company in Dungannon. There, he witnessed acts of violence against Nationalists for the first time, as, while walking home one night, he watched a Loyalist mob, backed by R.U.C. officers, beat down a group of Nationalist civil rights protesters.

Life in Tyrone was happy for Brian, the youngest of four boys. A natural athlete, he played Gaelic Football with the Clogher Eire Ogs, and became Captain of the team, which won the Tyrone junior Championship in 1972. Because of his talents for the game, Brian was one of the select few chosen in 1975 for the Tyrone Senior football team. Later that year, his life would change forever.

Brian (25) was arrested in February 1976 for political resistance against British occupying forces in his hometown. Tried in a Diplock Court without a judge or jury, Brian refused to recognize its jurisdiction or testify on his own behalf, and was sentenced to 25 years in Long Kesh prison.

After serving more than 12 years as a Republican political prisoner, Brian was released from Long Kesh on August 23rd, 1988. “My father died in 1984, and I knew that there would be a family reunion”, he said. “I realized then it was never going to be the same”.

Brian left Ireland, and came to the U.S.  That October to visit his brother Phil, who lived in Pearl River.

Brian went to work for Structure Tone, Inc. in New York City in 1988, and soon became a master carpenter and foreman. He met Doris Collins that same year, and married her in 1990. The couple bought a house in Pearl River, just down the street from Phil, who died two and a half years ago.

The light of the Pearson’s life, their daughter Siobhan, was born on May 12th, 1991. Siobhan’s stepsister Tara lives in Florida.

In 1992, Brian applied for a permanent residency status, and was marked by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for deportation as an “undesirable alien”.

The Rockland community rallied behind him, and hundreds of supporters traveled daily to a Manhattan court during Brian’s lengthy deportation trial. On March 27th, 1997, after nine years of legal struggle, U.S. Federal Court Judge Phillip Williams granted Brian political asylum in this country. The I.N.S. appealed the ruling a month later, but the U.S. Government suspended deportation proceedings against Brian indefinitely on September 9, 1997.

While he and his family await the resolution of his case, Brian (50) has worked tirelessly to promote a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland, and puts great effort into bringing unity and solidarity to the Rockland County community. Under Brian’s leadership as President of the A.O.H. Division V, the Division has cooperated with others in the county on many fundraisers and cultural events.

Brian is a former Vice President of the Irish Arts Forum, and a member of the Irish American Cultural Center. He is also a member of Local608 Carpenters Union in New York.

“It’s been a long and rocky road, but we have to keep trying to get our message through”, Brian said of the peace process and his life-long hope for a united Ireland. “The truth always wins out in the end”.





2003 - March 23rd – Pearl River

Jack O’Connor - 2003

Jack O’Connor was born in Manhattan to Marie (Smyth) and John O’Connor. His mother came from County Cavan, Ireland. Jack was raised in Astoria Queens, New York. He graduated from Bernard Baruch College (CUNY), where he received his BBA degree. Jack is married to the former Kathleen Ronacher, and has two children: Kellie, who is a fifth grader at Congers’ Elementary School, and Sean who is a New York City policeman.

Jack is a purchasing agent for the City of New York. He is the Past President of the National Institute of Government Purchasing Agents, and also co-founder and charter member of the Tionol Emerald Society of the City of New York. He has received recognition for significant savings that he has achieved for the City using his expertise in the purchasing field. Last year, he was also awarded a certificate of merit for his help during the 9/11 crisis.

Jack has lived in Pear River for the past thirty years, and is a very active member of St. Margaret’s Parish, including many years on Bingo teams, and presently on the Right to Life Committee. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, American Legion Post #329 and the Irish Brigade Association.

Jack joined AOH Division III in Pearl River in 1979. He has held every office of the Division and Hibernian House through the years. He is presently Chairman of the grievance Committee. Through the years, what Jack’s title or office was not as important as the fact that he a central figure in every major event that Division III and/or the Hibernian House sponsored. For over twenty years he has chaired the Bi-Annual Senior Citizens Luncheon (Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day) that has meant so much to the senior centers of Pearl River and Thorpe Village, with the great food and service provided by Division III volunteers., particularly for the wonderful Irish entertainment provided by the RCAOH Pipes and Drums, Inishfree School of Irish Dancing, Kathy Linnane’s young musicians, and our in-house musicians: Joe McKiernan, Tommy Dunn, Sean McVeigh and Teddy Herlihy. Over the years, he has chaired numerous Division III Annual Dances, Communion Breakfasts, and the Charities and Grievance Committees. Jack has been intricately involved in every major fund raiser that Division III has had, particularly his chairing of the $10,000 raffles. He has worked at the Feis for over twenty years, and supported many other events in the Irish community.

For someone who is so active, it is remarkable how quite, self-effacing and unassuming that Jack is, however , he has the ability to get volunteers to work on whatever project or event that he is involved in, as we all know that Jack works for the good of others, particularly Hibernian causes, and that Jack himself will work the hardest to guarantee its success.
Jack is very proud of his family, his Irish heritage, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the AOH Division III/Hibernian House. He is extremely proud to lead the 2003 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pearl River, and will see you all on March 23rd.

Parade Dedication
“The memory of Thomas Cawley, a former President of the Rockland County Men’s AOH; a member of Division III, Pearl River, and a dedicated and tireless worker for the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pearl River, Rockland County Feis, and endless other Irish causes. Tom was loved and respected. He will be dearly missed”.

Cyril Hughes – County President
Mary O’Sullivan – Parade Chairperson
Kevin A. Kilduff – Parade Commander
Jack O’Connor – Grand Marshal
Aides to the Grand Marshal
Eileen Bergen – L.A.O.H. County Board
Eleanor Gannon – L.A.O.H. Division #1
Ronnie Moroney – L.A.O.H. Division #3
Hon. Thomas Lawless – AOH Division #1
Denis Sullivan – AOH Division #2
Edward Horan – AOH Division #3
Sean McVeigh – AOH Division #5
Maureen Moran – Feis
Theresa O’Rourke – Irish Arts
Martin Feeney – Rockland County Irish Cultural Center
Billy Boyd – Rockland County Shields
John Roach – Rockland County Gaelic Athletic Association
Michael Mullins – Rockland County Police Emerald Society
James Sullivan – Firefighter (Posthumous), N.Y. Fire Dept. Emerald Society
John Schofield –2nd Battalion Commander – Division II
Brian Gunn –3rd Battalion Commander
Pat Hogan – 4th Battalion Commander
James Clarke –5th Battalion Commander

Awards Committee
Helene O’Hanlon, Thomas Kilgallen, Diane O’Donnell, John Haugh, Mary Haugh, William Dwyer, John Cawley

Parade Committee
Patricia Dwyer, Cyril Hughes, Jim McDonnell, Ray Sheridan, Tim O’Neill, Matt Reilly, Mark Walker. Mark Walker – Formation Chairman
James Normoyle – Treasurer
John Foody – Arrangements Chairman
Martin Fogarty – Reviewing Stand
John Devlin – Parade Chairman Emeritus
Eileen Walker – Secretary
Patricia Dwyer – Awards Chairperson
Pat Hogan – Program Chairman
Nick Murphy – Narrator

The Ancient Order of Hibernians held their 41st annual parade on Sunday March 23rd. The weather was beautiful, about 70-degree temperature, for one of the largest parades ever held in the county. All of the Honoree’s and many of the parade goers’s attended Mass at Dominican College on Western highway early in the morning. After Mass all attended breakfast at Bishop’s restaurant in Tappan.
Twenty-two pipe bands, and countless groups from all over the county to make this a very entertaining day supported the parade. At 2:30 the parade came to a halt to play a tribute to our troops fighting the war in Iraq. Spectators from all over the Tri-State area appeared overjoyed with the parade on a bright sunny day, perfect for the celebration.


2004 Parade Pearl River

Grand Marshal Michael Halpin

Michael Halpin was born in Kilrush, County Clare, in 1936, the second oldest of seven children of Martin and Nora Halpin. Educated by the Christian Brothers, from an early age he was active in sporting circles, and was a committee member of the Kilrush Hurling and Boxing Clubs. Mike worked for Irish Shell Ltd. Before going to England to work for the British Railways in Derby.
After immigrating to New York in 1955, Mike was drafted, serving in the U.S. Army in Korea from 1956 to 1958. He joined the NYPD in 1963 and served as President of the 46th Pct. Club, and as delegate for both the Emerald Society and Holy Name Society for several years. He is a member of St. Margaret’s Parish, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and a committeeman for the Republican Party in Pearl River. He graduated from RCC in 1976 with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, and from Iona College in 1981 with a Batchelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science.
Mike moved to Pearl River with Bridie, a native of County Meath, in 1973. They are the proud parents of three sons and one daughter: Kathleen, a graduate of SUNY, Cortlandt; Michael Jr., a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; John, a graduate from the University of Rhode Island, and Kevin, a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and a helicopter pilot, who served nine months of active duty in Iraq and Kuwait last year. The three boys played Gaelic football for the Rockland Hibernians in all age groups.
In 1973 Mike joined the AOH Division 3, and in 1977 was chairman of the Division Communion Breakfast held at the Elks. He received the AOH Shamrock Degree in 1977, In 1979, Mike was chairman of the Rockland county AOH Sixth Annual Feis and Field Games, dedicated to Padraig Pearse in commemoration of his centennial. He continued to help with the Feis for approximately ten years, and recently was a committee member of the very successful fund raiser for the Pearl River “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” Parade. Presently, he is chairman of the Rockland County AOH Charities Committee.
In 1981, Mike became President of the Rockland GAA, serving two terms. He was chairman of the first tour to Ireland with the U-16 football team, accompanied by families and friends. He was assistant coach of that fine team that won the first ever championship for Rockland and continued undefeated for two years, winning both the League and Special Knock-out Championships (1976-1977). Mike is a long time member, officer, coach and chairman of many fundraisers which involved the youth of the Irish American community. He is truly proud of the accomplishments of the GAA, which has preserved our national games, and still keeps faith in the spirit of Padraig Pearse’s vision in the activity of our children who are perpetuating the culture that Pearse died to save.
Mike was one of the founding officers of the Rockland Irish American Cultural Center in 1977, a past President (1996-2000) and is presently the financial secretary and manager. Actively involved with numerous groups that use the center for meetings, cultural activities and social events, he was also chairman of fundraisers for the Rockland GAA, Project Children, the Brian Pearson Defense Fund, etc. Mike is presently, and has been for the past seven years, chairman of the live telecast of the GAA games from Ireland every week during the season.

2004 – Pearl River

42nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In Memoriam
In memory of our dear friend Ed Larkin, Founder and Pipe Major Emeritus, Rockland County A.O.H. Pipe Band (now known as Rockland County A.O.H. Edward V. Larkin Memorial Pipe’s and Drums). As we line up behind “his band” to march on St. Patrick’s Day, remember the man who made it happen.
“If I could be remembered for one thing, it would not be that I started a pipe band, but rather that I took these young people, and by teaching them the bagpipe’s, I instilled in them a knowledge and pride and love of their Irish heritage”.
Ed Larkin, Recipient of the President’s Award, Emerald Ball, February, 2002.

It is our honor and privilege to dedicate this year’s Rockland County A.O.H. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to our Armed Forces and their families. Please accept our deepest thanks for protecting our country and defending our freedom. You are always ready to watch over our shores and for that we say, God bless you and your families and may God continue to bless America”. Godspeed and good luck as you continue on your chosen path.

Meg Mollahan, Tom Killgallen, Helene O’Hanlon, Sister Margaret Fitzpatrick and Susan Sheridan.

General Committee
Parade Chairperson……………………….Mary O’Sullivan
Formation Chairman………………………Mark Walker
Secretary…………………………………..Eileen Walker
Treasurer…………………………………..Martin Hickey
Awards and Judges Chairperson………….Patricia Dwyer
Arrangements Chairman………………….John Foody
Parade Announcer…………………………Nick Murphy
Ball Chairpersons………………………….Patricia and Dan Barry
Journal Chairman…………………………Pat Hogan
Reviewing Stand………………………….Martin Fogarty
Other Committee Members………………Jim McDonnell, Ray Sheridan, Matt Reilly,
Cy Hughes, Tim O’Neill, Michael Halpin,
Carmel Reilly, John Lowry, George Leahy, Jim

Grand Marshal Cy Hughes
2005 Pearl River

This years Grand Marshal, Cyril (Cy) Hughes, is a man who has never forgotten his beloved Ireland.
One of three children, Cy is the son of Lilly and the late Peter Hughes of St. Mary’s, Clontibret, County Monaghan. Educated in local schools, Cy immigrated to the United States in 1963. He enlisted in the US Army and served with distinction in Korea for three years, attaining the rank of Sergeant.
Upon his honorable discharge, Cy chose to continue his education and his military career with the US Air force National Guard at Stewart Air Force Base in Newburgh, NY. He served as a civil engineer for nineteen years and, in 1999, was promoted to First Sergeant of the 105th Civil Engineering Flight. He retired in 2003 after twenty six years of faithful service, including active duty at Ground Zero during the 9-11 tragedy.
In 1970, Cy’s civilian career found him as a member of the MABSTOA Division of New York City Transit Authority, where he worked his way up the managerial ladder and retired as Director of Bus Maintenance Training. Cy is presently the director of transportation for the Tarrytown Union Free School District in Westchester, NY.
In 1969, Cy married Margaret (Peggy) O’Keefe from Gragg, Abbeyfeale, County Limerick. They are the proud parents of a daughter, Kelli, and her husband Tommy, and a son, Joseph, and his wife, Maureen. They are even prouder grandparents of TJ, Kate, Caroline, Emma, Kaeleigh and Christine.
Cy’s long involvement with all things Irish in Rockland County includes the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 1, the MacBride Chapter of Irish Northern Aid, which he is currently president; the Feis Committee and the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. Cy is currently a director of the New York State AOH and a past Rockland County President.
Cy stands by his belief that “in leading by example and creating an awareness of Irish culture in our homes, we can instill a pride and knowledge of our proud Irish heritage in future generations.

43rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Sponsored by the Ancient Order of Hibernians

Sunday March 20th, 2005 at Pearl River New York.

In Memoriam
For all deceased members of the Men’s and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians of Rockland County, NY.


It is our honor and privilege to dedicate this year’s Rockland County AOH Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to our Armed Forces and their families. Please accept our deepest thanks for protecting our country and defending our freedom. You are always ready to watch over our shores and for that we say “God bless you and your families and may God continue to bless America”.
Godspeed and good luck as you continue on your chosen path.

Maureen Fogarty, Jack O’Connor, Diane O’Donnell, Helene O’Hanlon, Susan Sheridan and Father Edward J. Weber.

General Committee
Parade Chairperson – Mary O’Sullivan
Formation Chairman – Mark Walker
Secretary – Eileen Walker
Treasurer – Martin Hickey
Awards & Judges Chairperson – Patricia Dwyer
Arrangements Committee – Ray Sheridan, John Foody, Jim Russell
Ball Chairpersons – Patricia & Dan Barry
Journal Chairman – Pat Hogan
Reviewing Stand – Brian Gunn
Parade Announcer – Nick Murphy
Other Committee Members – Jim McDonnell, Matt Reilly, Cy Hughes, Tim O’Neill, Michael Halpin, Carmel Reilly, John Lowry, George Leahy, Linda Sheridan and Jim Normoyle.

March 19th 2006 –Pearl River / Jimmy Teague Grand Marshal

Jimmy Teague Grand Marshal

Jimmy Teague was born and raised in the small town of Ardboe, County Tyrone. He comes from a long line of devoted Republicans. His mother Ann and her family have a proud tradition of resistance to British rule in Ireland. His father, William, was decorated by the Irish Republican Army, and was awarded a medal by President DeValera for his service during the War of Independence.
As a youth, Jimmy attended the Saint Patrick’s National School. At the age of eighteen, he joined the Irish Army, and was stationed at the Curragh in County Kildare. Upon his discharge, Jimmy was unable to find employment at home. The Orange State’s institutionalized employment discrimination against Nationalists led him to immigrate to New York in 1955. He settled in the Marble Hill section of the Bronx, and first worked as a plasterer in Union Local 60. In 1964, he began working for the New York City Building Department, and continued there until his retirement in 1992. He then worked for Weichert Realty in Pomona, New York, and is now retired.
From the very beginning of the current phase of the struggle for Irish freedom, Jimmy has been a tireless worker for the oppressed people in the North. While living in the Bronx during the mid 1960’s, Jimmy joined the AOH. During the late 1960’s, he was a member of the Tyrone Action Committee, assisting victims of the sectarian backlash to the Civil Rights Movement. Jimmy joined Irish Northern Aid shortly after it was formed, and was a member of the Bronx unit. In 1975, he moved with his family to Blauvelt, quickly becoming a member of Division 5, the Rockland GAA and The Rockland Irish American Cultural Center. He also became an active member of Rockland County’s Sean MacBride unit of Irish Northern Aid, where he has served as both Vice President and President. As the Chair of the Annual Bobby Sands Memorial Dance since 1982, he has been instrumental to its success.
Jimmy’s generosity of spirit, time and person are evident in so many ways. He has served as chairman of fundraisers for Irish activists Francis Gildernew and Gerry McGeogh during times of intense pressure from the American Government. He has been a regular figure at demonstrations, and has continually been involved with bringing speakers to our community to expand our understanding of the difficulties faced in the North. The extent of his dedication was further demonstrated when he was among those who made their own homes available to secure bail for the Tucson Six. Jimmy also ran two very successful fundraisers for Congressman Peter King and Congressman Benjamin Gilman.
While working so diligently and modestly, Jimmy, together with his wife Bridgid raised three children: Lisa, Jimmy, and Sean.

March 19th 2006 -
Annual Rockland County Saint Patricks Day Parade.

In Memoriam.

For all deceased members of the Men’s and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians of Rockland County New York.


We the Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians dedicate our 2006 Rockland County
St. Patricks Day Parade to the men and women of our Armed Forces.
You went when called….You didn’t ask why….you were proud to serve.
Please accept our deepest thanks for protecting our country and defending our freedom. God bless you and your families and may God continue to bless America. Godspeed and good luck as you continue on your chosen path.

Maureen Fogarty, John Foody, Dianne O’Donnell, Moira Reilly, Father Edward J Weber.

General Committee
Parade Chairperson – Mary O’Sullivan
Formation Chairman – Mark Walker
Secretary – Eileen Walker
Treasurer – Martin Hickey
Awards and Judges Chairperson – Patricia Dwyer
Arrangements Committee – Ray Sheridan and Jim Russell
Ball Chairpersons – Patricia and Dan Barry
Journal Chairperson – Pat Hogan
Reviewing Stand – Martin Fogarty Jr.
Parade announcers – Michael and Neil O’Sullivan

Other Committee members
Jim McDonnell, Matt Reilly, Moira Reilly, Cy Hughes, Tim O’Neill, Jimmy Teague, Carmel O’Reilly, John Lowry, George Leahy, Helen Murphy, Susan Sheridan, Alice Fogarty, Martin Fogarty Sr., Jim Normoyle, Tim Hopkins, Kevin Donohue, Ed Moane, Ray Hull, Gayle Rogo, Kevin McNulty, John Foody, Bobby Mulholland, Linda Sheridan, Phil Sheridan.

Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade

2007 – March 20th – Pearl River

Mary O’Sullivan

“Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity”, our AOH motto, personify the daily life of this years Grand Marshal. Mary O’Sullivan brings affection and respect to her participation in the lives of so many Rockland County residents. Her efforts lend harmony to the thoughts and actions of others involved in her diverse activities. As for her connection to our Irish culture, broad knowledge of Irish history and activity both here and in Ireland have fostered her commitment to preserving our proud tradition, a commitment publicly honored in 1999 with the designation Hibernian of the Year by the AOH.
For the past 22 years, Mary has worked tirelessly on the parade committee of Rockland County’s AOH Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade has grown, and so has Mary’s work for this annual event. During her years of marriage to her beloved husband Neil, she carried on his work, along with John Devlin, becoming in March 2001 the sole chair.
Mary O’Sullivan is a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 3. Her work in the Irish community, in addition to the parade, includes activities such as the Rockland AOH/LAOH Feis, the Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Committee, RCLAOH Pancake Breakfast, the Rockland GAA Pub Quizzes, Project Children, the Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser and various committees within the Ladies Division 3, as well as committees on the RCLAOH Board. Through Project Children, a child from Northern Ireland enjoyed two pleasant summers in her home.
Mary is the fourth child born to Grace Smith Crable and Augustine Crable, who lived in Sparkill. Anastasia Burke Smith, her maternal Grandmother, grew up in Tralee, County Kerry. The Crable children attended grammar school in Piermont and the old Tappan Zee High School, also in the village. Although now a parishioner of St. Aedan’s in Pearl River, St. Johns, the Piermont Parish, draws Mary back every Sunday to teach CCD. Recently Mary received the Catechetical Medal of Honor for twenty five plus years of service to Catechetical Ministry to our New York Archdiocese.
Lady Cliff College in Highland Falls was the site of Mary’s college years, with graduation in 1963. Then began 39 years of teaching to several generations of children in the South Orangetown School District, accompanied by active membership in the New York State United Teachers, the Education Association of South Orangetown and Parent-Teacher Association Committees.
It is with great pride that Mary O’Sullivan will represent the men and women of the Ancient Order of Hibernians on March 18th as Grand Marshal.
She is truly grateful for the honor. God Bless.

Sunday March 18th, 2007 at 1:30 p.m. Pearl River, New York.

In Memoriam
William “Bill” O’Dwyer, former member of the Parade Committee and long time supporter of Irish causes.

We, the members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, dedicate our 2007 Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the men and women of our armed forces. You went when called…you didn’t ask why…you were proud to serve. Please accept our deepest thanks for protecting our country and defending our freedom.
God bless you and your families and may God continue to serve America. Godspeed and good luck as you continue on your chosen path.

John J. Foody, John Mollahan, Diane O’Donnell, Susan Sheridan and Monsignor Edward J. Weber.

General Committee
Parade Chairperson – Mary O’Sullivan.
Formation Chairman – Mark Walker.
Secretary–Eileen Walker.
Treasurer–Vince Tyer.
Awards and Judges Chairperson – Patricia Dwyer
Arrangements Committee-Cy Hughes and Jim Russell
Ball Chairpersons-Patricia and Dan Barry
Journal Chairmen-Martin Fogarty and Michael O’Sullivan
Reviewing Stand-Ed Moane
Parade announcers Michael and Neil O’Sullivan
Aides to the Grand Marshal:
Helen K. Murphy, L.A.O.H. County Board
Karen Lord L.A.O.H. Div. # 1
Carmel Reilly, L.A.O.H. Div. # 3
Seamus Clarke, A.O.H. Div. # 1
Pat Sheehy, A.O.H. Div. # 2
John Lowry, A.O.H. Div. # 3
Mark McCabe, A.O.H. Div. # 5
Margaret Moran, Rockland County Feis
Pat Brady, Irish Arts Forum.
Della Kivlehan, Rockland Irish American Cultural Center.
Gerry O’Riordan, Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association
James McNamee, Rockland County Police Emerald Society
Myles Prior, Rockland County Shields

Battalion Commanders:

First Battalion: Pat Withers, A.O.H. Div. # 1
Second Battalion: Christopher St. Lawrence, A.O.H. Div. # 4
Third Battalion: Pat Willock, A.O.H. Div. # 2
Fourth Battalion: Denis O’Donnell, Div. # 5
Fifth Battalion: Russ Pogeweit, A.O.H. Div # 3

Other Committee Members
Jim McDonnell, Matt Reilly, Moira Reilly, Tim O’Neill, Carmel Reilly, John Lowry, Helen Murphy, Susan Sheridan, Alice Fogarty, Jim Normoyle, Tim Hopkins, Kevin Donohue, Ray Hull, Gail Rogo, Kevin McNulty, John Foody, Bobby Mulholland, Dermot Moore, Joan Moore, Mark McCabe, Jack Ryan, Linda Sheridan, Phil Sheridan.

Forty Sixth Annual Parade 2008
​– Pearl River March 9th


Senator Thomas Morahan
Grand Marshal

Tom was born in the Bronx to the late Thomas and Margaret (Dermody) Morahan. His father was from Coote Hill, County Roscommon, and his mother was from Granard, County Longford. Tom was raised in the Bronx with his three sisters, Sr. Margaret Thomas OP, Margaret and Sr. Marie Joseph OP. There he attended Holy Family Elementary School and graduated from Cardinal Hayes High School. Tom served his country during the Korean War, as a member of a US Army Flash Ranger Battalion.

In 1952, Staff Sergeant Morahan married Helen Killion. Shortly after, Tom was discharged. I 1954, the Morahans moved to Queens, where they resided for almost a decade. In 1963, they moved to Rockland County.

The Morahans are members of St. Augustine's RC Parish in New City. Helen and Tom raised seven daughters, Margaret, Helen, Maureen, Joan, Nancy, Eileen and Theresa. They have been blessed with seventeen grandchildren. Tom has had an extensive and successful business career. For almost 40 years, Tom applied his skills and talents by working himself through the ranks of the NYNEX Corporation to an executive management position. This was followed by six years senior management service with Orange and Rockland Utilities.

Recognizing the importance of public service, Tom is a member of the Clarkstown Zoning Board of Appeals, a County Legislator, a member of the New York State Assembly, and presently as a New York State Senator. He has devoted his time and energy speaking up for those not always able to represent themselves.

He has been a long time member of Division #2, Ancient Order of Hibernians. He also is a member of the Telephone and Communications Emerald Society and former member of the National Irish Political Action Committee. Tom is also a member of the Rockland County Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, as well as the Irish American Legislator Society. Over the years, Tom has been recognized by Irish American Organizations. He has been the Telephone and Communications Emerald Society Man of the Year, and the PEC Man of the Year. He was also recognized by the Gaelic Athletic Association, and was the Hibernian of the year for the Ancient order of Hibernians, as well as the Ladies AOH Division #1. Tom also has been supportive of the Annual Rockland County Feis.

Completing his fifth term in the New York State Senate, Tom Morahan presently serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. He was also appointed to a Senate Leadership post, serving as Senate Majority Liaison to the Executive Branch. In prior years, Senator Morahan chaired the Senate Elections Committee, as well as the Senate's Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.

Thomas Patrick Morahan is highly honored and truly humbled to have been chosen Grand Marshall. He is exceptionally proud to have the privilege of leading the A.O.H. down Central Avenue in Pearl River on March 9, 2008.

The Parade Line up was as follows.

Sunday March 9th 2008 the Parade kicked off at 1:30pm in Pearl River. The temperature was about 38 Degrees with the sun shining. The avenue was standing room only as the spectators were treated to a great day of music and marchers.


In Memoriam

For all deceased members of the men’s and ladies of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.



We, the members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, dedicate our 2008 Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the Archdiocese of New York in honor of their 200th Anniversary. While we remember our Archdiocese, we continue to support the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. God bless you and your families and may God continue to bless America.



John J. Foody, Kay Hogan, Diane O’Donnell, Mary O’Keefe, Susan Sheridan and Monsignor Edward J. Weber.


General Committee

Parade Chairperson – Mary O’Sullivan

Parade Chairperson – Denis Sullivan

Formation Chairman – Mark Walker

Secretary – Eileen Walker

Treasurer – Jim Russell

Awards and Judges Chairperson – Patricia Dwyer

Arrangements Committee – Jim Russell, Matty Reilly and John Foody.

Emerald Ball Chairpersons – Patricia and Dan Barry.

Journal Chairman – Michael O Sullivan.

Reviewing Stand – Ed Moane.

Parade announcers – Michael and Neil O’Sullivan


Other Committee Members

Jim McDonnell, Matt Reilly, Moira Reilly, Tim O’Neill, Carmel Reilly, John Lowry, Helen Murphy, Jim Normoyle, Tim Hopkins, Kevin Donohue, Ray Hull, Gail Rogo, Kevin McNulty John J. Foody, Bobby Mulholland, Dermot Moore, Joan Moore, Neil Cosgrove, Bill Lee, Barry Tesseyman, Vincent D. Tyer III and Linda Sheridan..


Parade Commander – Major Francis Farrelly Jr. USAF.

Aides to Grand Marshal – Sister Marie Morahan, L.A.O.H. County Board

Joan Silvestri, L.A.O.H. Div. 1

Moira Reilly, L.A.O.H. Div III

Dennis Flannery, A.O.H. Div II

Francis Farrelly Sr. A.O.H. Div. III

Barry Tesseyman, A.O.H. Div. IV

John Edwards, A.O.H. Div V

Teresa Morris, Rockland County Feis

Peter McManamon, Rockland County Irish American Cultural Center

Ann Marie Maye, Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association

James McNamee, Rockland County Police Emerald Society

Myles Prior, Rockland County Shields


Battalion Commanders

First Battalion - Peter Crotty, A.O.H. Div. IV

Second Battalion –Rich Caunitz, A.O.H. Div II

Third Battalion – Brendan McNamara Sr. A.O.H. Div.V

Fourth Battalion – Ray Gallagher, A.O.H. Div III

Fifth Battalion – TBA, Div. I

03/9/08 State Senator Thomas P. Morahan
Division 2 New City

03/22/09 Terry Greenan
Division 3 Pearl River

3/21/2010 May Kreider 
LAOH Division 3 Pearl River

3/20/2011 Tim O’Neill 
​Division 1 Pearl River

3/18/12 Ray Sheridan,
Division 3, Pearl River

3/17/13  Msgr. Edward Weber,
Division 3 Pearl River

3/23/14 James McDonell,
Division 1, Stony Point

3/22/15 Vincent Tyer,
Division 3, Pearl River

3/20/16 Dermot Moore,
Division 3, Pearl River

3/19/17 Carmel Reilly,
​LAOHDivision 3, Pearl River

3/18/18 Grand Marshal Emmett Woods

​3/17/19 Joan Moore Grand Marshal
LAOH Division 3

3/22/2020 Frank McDonagh

Division 3, Pearl River 

​Parade Cancelled

​3/17/2021 Parade Cancelled

3/20/2022 Frank McDonagh
Division 3, Pearl River

3/19/2023 Thomas Leavey
​Division 4, Suffern

3/16/2024 Neil Cosgrove
Division 3, Pearl River 


  Ancient Order of Hibernians - Division 1 Haverstraw, New York 
       Next Meeting - January 3rd  7:30 PM / Haverstraw Town Hall
​                                               Pizza at 7 PM

Hibernians of the Years  1970 - 2022

Hberernian of the Year – Irishman of the Year

Denis Mulvihill - 1972

The guest of honor this evening is a true Irishman and dedicated Hibernian. A true Irishman in that he is a native of “The Kingdom”. Denis was born in Tarbert, County Kerry, Ireland and his lovely wife; Margaret is a native of Knocknagoshel, County Kerry.
They have lived in Suffern, New York since 1959 where they are the owners of the Suffern Hotel. He has been an active member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 4 since its inception in 1966, and has served as President of Division 4 during that time. For the last four years he has served as Financial Secretary for the County Board in Rockland County; and in addition was past Assistant National Organizer for the National Board.
Denis has served as Chairman of the Dinner Dance, which was a complete success and welcome addition to Hibernian social life in Rockland County. In addition to Hibernianism, Dennis is an active parishioner in Sacred Heart Church in Suffern. He is also the President of the Rockland County Restaurant, Hotel, and Tavern Owners Association, inc., and a member of the Elks in Ramapo Valley (Suffern) Lodge No. 2464 New York.

 Thomas W. Gleason - 1981

PRESIDENT - International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO

VICE PRESIDENT - American Federation of Labor—Congress of Industrial Organization

VICE PRESIDENT - International Transport Workers’ Union (ITF)

Thomas W. Gleason is President of the 116,000 member International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO representing dockworkers in Atlantic and Gulf Coast ports, on the Great Lakes, Puerto Rico, major rivers and in Canada. Additionally, the Masters, Mates and Pilots International Marine Division of the ILA have 12,000 members and the United Marine Division (Local 333, New York) has 5,000 members. He was elected a Vice-President and Executive Council member of the AFL-CIO in 1969 and has been re-elected at each biennial convention since.

Long recognized as one of the country’s most dynamic and forward-thinking labor leaders, Mr. Gleason celebrates his 64th anniversary in the longshore industry in 1979. His leadership was given international recognition in early 1965 with his election to office in the International Transport Workers Federation (I.T.F.). Mr. Gleason has been hailed in the labor and industry circles for meeting the problems of automation on the docks by working out a mutually acceptable "Containerization Clause", and for concluding the first "Guaranteed Annual Wage" contract.

He was a member of former President Johnson’s Maritime Advisory Committee, and currently serves on the New York City Council on Port Development and Promotion, and the General Council of the International Transport Workers Federation. (The ITF represents more than 6 million transport workers in the 78 countries of the free world).

The oldest of thirteen children, Mr. Gleason was born on November 8th, 1900, in a tenement neighborhood in Greenwich Village, New York City. His father and his grandfather, who emigrated from Tipperary, Ireland, were dockworkers. His mother immigrated from Tyrone, Ireland. Mr. Gleason, the father of three sons is a widower and lives in New York City.


John J. O’Connor – 1982


Mr. O’Connor is first Vice President of New York City District Council of Carpenters, along with many other positions he holds since migrating to the United States in the late forties. Joining Carpenters Local Union 608, he eventually became President in 1960 and shortly thereafter was elected to the position of Business Manager, which office he held until 1977. In June 1977 he was elected First Vice President of the New York City District Council of Carpenters while still maintaining President of Local 608.

Since 1974 he has been Chairman of the New York State Joint Labor Management Committee of Carpenters Apprenticeship and Retraining for the State of New York. He is a member of the Executive Board of the New York State Council of Carpenters and Labor Advisor to the New York City Concrete Industry Board. He also holds the position of Co-Chairman of the Joint Management Committee on all Benefit Funds in his District Council. John O’Connor was elected to represent his fellow members at all General Conventions in 1960 and at these conventions was appointed committeeman in different categories.

In 1971, the National Irish American Committee honored him as Chairman of their Labor Advisory Committee. In 1979 the United Irish Counties Association honored him as "Gael of the Year". John has served on numerous Labor Committees working for a wide variety of Irish and other ethnic American causes, and it is largely through his union activities that he has made his mark on the Irish American Community. He has labored quietly, effectively and diligently to help in many fund raising programs, which led to their success.

John was born in Salthill, Galway, Ireland, and is married to the former Mary Kenney from Saint Nicholas of Tolentine Parish, Fordham. They have four children, Thomas, Maureen, Eileen and John, and one grandchild, Thomas Michael, eight months old, who is, of course, the delight of both grandma and grandpa.

John also has six sisters and one brother who still reside in Ireland.

John has certainly earned this award, not by pretense but by his accomplishments, honesty, integrity, and leadership and by being a good friend to all.

John Lawe – 1984

A native of Kilglass, Strokestown in County Roscommon, and one of ten children, John Lawe came to the United States in 1949 and was employed by Fifth Avenue Coach Company as a car cleaner and later as a bus operator. Lawe became active in Transport Workers Union and quickly advanced through the union ranks in a number of elected posts. He was Chairman of Fifth Avenue Coach Company; then Division Secretary of MABSTOA Division 1; then Chairman two years later.

John became Vice President of Local 100 in 1968 and President in 1976. From the International Executive Board he was elected Executive Vice President of the International TWU. Lawe’s activities extend to the political field. Chairman of the Local’s Political Action Committee for three years, he had been active in Albany and Washington on behalf of TWU legislation and COPE movement. He was on the Ex. Board of Inwood-Marble Hill Democratic Club for many years.

In addition to his multiple union duties, Lawe is active in Irish affairs and has been honored by the Irish Northern Aid Society for helping hard – pressed women and children of Northern Ireland. He has also been cited by many other societies, including MABSOTOA and TA Holy Name and Emerald Societies and MAGSTOA Hispanic and Maccabees Societies. John is a member of JFK Division 9 of AOH and has been honored by them as well as Division V of AOH.

His commitment to the labor field extends to the State AFL-CIO Executive Board, Treasurer of Public Employee’s Coalition and Vice President of New York City Central Labor Council. In the area of health, he is on the Board of Directors of HIP and GHI. He is also a Trustee in the New York City Employee’s Retirement System and Chairman of TWU Health Benefit Trust. John is married to the former Mary Heaney, and is the father of three grown children.

Denis Mulcahy – 1985

Denis Mulcahy, a native of County Cork, Ireland, was born on March 29th, 1944.

He immigrated to the United States in March of 1962, and joined the New York City Police Department seven years later, in 1969. Since then he has with the Tactical Patrol Unit, the Street Crime Unit, and the 28th Precinct Detective Unit. He received the gold shield of a detective in 1973, and currently serves with the elite Bomb Squad. Mulcahy is a member of the Honor Legion, the Holy Name Society, and the NYPD Emerald Society.

He was instrumental in founding the Greenwood Lake Cultural Society in 1975, and served two years as its first president – 1976 and 1977. With his wife, Miriam, he was honored as "Celt of the Year" in 1980. Mulcahy was also honored as Grand Marshal of the Mid-Hudson St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1981. The Irish National Caucus, in 1980, recognized him for his constant concern for the welfare of the children of Northern Ireland. The Ancient Order of Hibernians Political Education Committee and the AOH Division IX of Montclair, New Jersey, both honored him for his work with "Project Children" in 1983. Mulcahy serves as chairman of "Project Children." Since 1975, this program has provided nearly two thousand of Northern Ireland’s children – both Catholic and Protestant – with six-week vacations in the United States. These holidays enable them to enjoy a brief respite from the violence and strife of their native land.

Mulcahy is married to the former Miriam O’Rourke, a native of County Leitrim, Ireland. They live in Greenwood Lake, New York with their four children, Denis, Maureen, Sean and Tara.

John Grant – 1986

John T. Grant, Rockland’s first County Executive, was a Charter Member of Division I of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Haverstraw, formed in 1962. He was elected President of the Haverstraw Division in 1964. Born and raised in Rockland, John and his wife, the former Mary Zippilli, have raised their 6 children in their home in Thiells.

A Marine Corps veteran of the Korean conflict, John has long been active in Rockland’s civic and fraternal organizations. A Charter member of the Reverend Thomas F. McGare Division I of the Ancient Order of Hibernian’s, he served as President in 1964 and has remained as member for 23 years. John also retains membership in a number of other organizations including the Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Elks and Marine Corp League. The County Executive has received numerous awards from Rockland organizations including those dedicated to the physically and mentally handicapped. A banker for over 30 years, John was an Executive with Chemical Bank prior to his election.

John began his career in public service in 1963 when he was elected a councilman in the Town of Haverstraw. After six years on the Town Council, he was elected to Rockland County’s first Legislature in 1969. During his sixteen years as a County Legislator, he served five terms as Chairman of the Legislature and five years as Chairman of the powerful Budget Review Committee. On November 5th, 1985, John was elected Rockland County’s first County Executive by beating five other candidates in that election. The County Executive was inaugurated as Rockland’s highest official on January 1, 1986.

Bill Burke – 1987

Bill Burke is the Senior Vice President of the Bank of Ireland, New York. He was born in County Sligo, Ireland and emigrated to the United States in1961. He was educated at St Nathy’s College, Roscommon, the American Institute of Banking, and the American Institute of Credit and Pace University, New York. He is a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians since 1970 and is an active member of numerous American and Irish organizations in the United States including the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, the United Irish Counties Association, the American Irish Association of Westchester, the Irish Institute, the United Irish Foundation, the Irish Cultural Center of New York and is Vice President of the County Sligo Association. He is listed in "Who’s Who in Banking" and "Who’s Who in Irish America"; he was listed in the Irish America Magazine as one of the top 100 influential Irish Americans.

Bill has been honored by numerous organizations including American Irish Association, Westchester, New York, Gaelic Athletic Association, New York, Gaelic Athletic Association Minor Board, Rockland Irish American Cultural Center, Donegal football Club, Kerrymen’s Association, American Business and Labor Community, Sligo Football Club, Tubbercurry Football Club, St. Joseph’s Football Club. Bill also was a guest of honor at the 150th anniversary celebration of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in 1986.

Bill and his wife Kathleen have four children, Billy, Elizabeth, Michelle and Robert.

 Patrick Moroney – 1988

Patrick J. Moroney, the eldest of eight children, was born in the parish of Mullagh, County Clare, Ireland, in 1937 to Patrick and Mary Baker Moroney. He spent his younger years in Kilmihil, County Clare and then continued his education with the Franciscan Brothers in London, England. Pat immigrated to the United States in 1956 and settled in New York City. He played Soccer with the Yankee Scots and also Gaelic Football with the Leitrim Football Club, who in 1958 won the New York Championship. In 1959 Pat played with the New York Selected Team and in 1960 he joined the Clare Football Club where he also served as President for three years. In 1959 Pat returned to County Clare as a visitor and was instrumental in winning the Cusack Cup Final. This was the first time that Kilmihil has had that distinction.

During the "Great Snow Blizzard" of 1961 Pat married the former Ronnie McFadden and in 1965 moved to Pearl River, New York. Ronnie and Pat are the proud parents of six children: Mrs. Eileen Joyce, Katherine, Patrick, Teresa, Michael and Thomas.

Pat worked in Con Edison until 1967. He first ventured into business in 1964 and has been in the Hospitality Industry ever since.

Over the past five years with the assistance of Ken Venturi, Pat has been instrumental in organizing the Venturi Golf Classic, for the mentally handicapped, and has helped raise approximately $250,000 for Camp Venture. In 1987 Pat helped to organize a Golf Tournament for Project Children, raising $10,000 to bring children from Northern Ireland to the New York area for the summer. Last September he was involved in the County Kerry Mentally Handicapped Fund in conjunction with the famous Mick O’Connell.

Pat has been a behind the scenes worker for our Rockland Parade and Feis for many years and a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 3, Pearl River and numerous American and Irish organizations in the United States.

Tom Kilgallen – 1989

Tom was raised in Skreen, County Sligo, where he departed for a brief stay in Liverpool and then on to New York City. When he arrived in New York City he worked with AT&T Longlines and on the docks of New York in the grain elevators, or as they were better known as, “The Irish Man O’ Wars.”

In May 1953 he married Bridget Teahon of Lauragh, County Kerry. That July, Tom embarked on his lifelong career of Mixology and Counseling. Tom immigrated to New City in 1960 with Bridie and his three children, Helen, Tom Jr, and Paul. Since arriving in Rockland County, Tom has been involved with the A.O.H., Knights of Columbus, Sons of Norway and is a founding Charter Member of the Rockland Irish-American Cultural Center. He sat on the organizational committees of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Emerald Ball. Throughout his 25 years of business in the county, Tom has always been supportive of all Irish events, whether it is out in front or behind the scenes.

Tom Kilgallen – 1989

Tom was raised in Skreen, County Sligo, where he departed for a brief stay in Liverpool and then on to New York City. When he arrived in New York City he worked with AT&T Longlines and on the docks of New York in the grain elevators, or as they were better known as, “The Irish Man O’ Wars.”

In May 1953 he married Bridget Teahon of Lauragh, County Kerry. That July, Tom embarked on his lifelong career of Mixology and Counseling. Tom immigrated to New City in 1960 with Bridie and his three children, Helen, Tom Jr, and Paul. Since arriving in Rockland County, Tom has been involved with the A.O.H., Knights of Columbus, Sons of Norway and is a founding Charter Member of the Rockland Irish-American Cultural Center. He sat on the organizational committees of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Emerald Ball. Throughout his 25 years of business in the county, Tom has always been supportive of all Irish events, whether it is out in front or behind the scenes.

Ed Larkin – 1990

Edward V. Larkin was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1943 to Vincent and Anne Larkin.  He was educated in Brooklyn, attending St. Theresa of Avilla Grammar School and Boys’ High School.  He joined the U.S. Navy in 1961 and was Honorably discharged in 1966.  Among other medals, he was awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to Vietnam where he served as a Corpsman. 

Ed was appointed to the New York City Police Department in 1967.  During his career he served in the Mounted Unit and the elite City Wide Anti-Crime Unit.  He was a highly decorated police officer; having been awarded over 30 medals during his career.  He was also a member of the Pipes and drums of the Emerald Society.  He retired in 1981. 

Ed is married to the former Margaret Glancy of County Roscommon, Ireland.  They are the proud parents of two children, Brian and Joan Marie.  They moved to Garnerville in 1977. 

After his retirement from the police department, Ed attended Dominican College and received a B.S. degree in nursing.  He is currently employed at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center in the Bronx.  He works with cancer patients and is a Nursing Specialist in Chemotherapy. 

Ed is a member of Division I of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Rockland County.  Since becoming a member of the A.O.H. he had a dream of starting a Pipe Band in Rockland County.  He saw that dream fulfilled in 1985 when the Pipes and Drums of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Rockland County made their debut.  “I have to admit that it was a very shaky start, but the band has come a long way since then.”  From its small beginning the band has grown to be one of the largest pipe bands in the area, totaling close to fifty playing members.  The band is made up of men, women, boys and girls ranging in age from 12 to 50 plus.  In August of last year the band fulfilled another dream.  Ed proudly led his band through the main streets of Bundoran, County Donegal in a parade to honor Bobby Sands.  They were the first Pipe Band from America to march in the parade.  For that honor the band was awarded a 3-foot hand-carved Celtic cross that had been made by one of the IRA prisoners in Long Kesh prison.  “If I could be remembered for one thing, it would not be that I started a pipe band but rather that I took these young children and by teaching them the bagpipes I instilled in them a knowledge and pride in their Irish Heritage.”


John Cawley – 1991

John was born in 1938 in Enniscrone, County Sligo, Ireland.  He is the oldest of thirteen children born to Mary and James Cawley.  John was educated in Qigabar National School and St. Muredachs College in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland.  He immigrated to the United States in 1957 entering the business world as a teller with Chemical Corn Bank of New York.  During his two-year tenure with the bank he attended the American Institute of Banking at night.  He left the banking business in 1959 and went to work for the Safeway Supermarket at night while attending school during the day.  After graduating from RCA Institute of Technology in 1961, John went to work for Consolidated Edison as an electrical technician.  He was promoted to management in 1970.  Presently he is a supervising engineer at Con Edison.

John married Kathleen Morahan from County Roscommon in 1964.  They are the proud parents of three children, James, Marie and Patricia.  A short time after getting married, John and Kathleen moved from Brooklyn to Woodlawn in the Bronx.  In 1966 John joined the Knights of Columbus and the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  He was active in both organizations until he moved to Rockland County in 1971.  John transferred from Division V in the Bronx to Division V in Rockland County and has been active at both the Division and County levels ever since.

In 1973, John formed the Rockland County Hibernian Minor Football Club and was its first president, along with coaching and managing most of the teams during its early years.  He was also active and served in various offices in the greater New York Minor Board.  In 1966 John co-founded the Rockland Irish American Cultural Center and served as its first president.  He has been an active member on the Feis committee since its inception in Rockland County in 1974.  In 1986 John was elected President of the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians and proudly served in that position for four years.  The proudest moment in John’s life came in 1986 when he was elected Grand Marshal and led the Rockland County St. Patrick’s day parade down Central Avenue in Pearl River. John is presently serving as President of Division V, Secretary of the Celtic Golf Club and a member of the Board of Directors of the Rockland Irish American Cultural Center. For community’s activities, John has held offices in the Woodlawn Taxpayers Association, The Nanuet Civic Association and is presently serving on the Board of Governors on the Rockland County Health Complex in Pomona.  He is a member of St. Anthony’s Parish in Nanuet.  As you can see, John is well deserving of this honor of being our 1991 “Hibernian of the Year”.   Congratulations John and thank you for all you have done for the Irish Community and the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Patricia Dwyer – 1992

Pat Dwyer was born in the Bronx to James and Helen Toner, whose parents hail from County Down. Pat, the oldest of five children, graduated St Barnabas High School in 1959 and the Mary Byers Secretarial School on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1960. While the executive secretary for the treasurer of a large advertising firm on Park Avenue. Pat married William Dwyer in 1961. They are the proud parents of six children, Patricia, William, Terrence, Catherine, James and Michael.
In 1976, Pat helped organize the Ladies Auxiliary, Division I in North Rockland. The lure of the A.O.H. brought Pat to quickly become Rockland County’s first President of the Ladies A.O.H., in 1977. In 1980 she was the first lady to chair the Rockland County Feis, and has done so annually ever since. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Rockland Irish American Cultural Center. She was just recently appointed Secretary for the North American Feis Commission at their Convention in Hartford Connecticut. For the past two years, Pat served as the Awards Chairlady for the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. She also served as President of her own Division and held many other offices in the A.O.H., presently acting as County Secretary. In 1990, Pat was elected first Lady Grand Marshal of the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. She has been very active in her parish of St. Gregory Barbarigo in Garnerville and was the Altar and Rosary Society President from 1980 to 1983. Pat is a Committeewoman and Area Chairman in a Stony Point political party. Dwyer continued her education at Rockland Community College and is presently a Paralegal at the law offices of Gerald R. Kane, Esq., in Nyack, New York.

John Devlin – 1993

John Devlin was born and raised in the South Bronx. John married the former Catherine (Kay) Whelan in 1953 and they are the proud parents of Jean T. Bond and John T. They are blessed with three grandchildren, Doreen, Brian and Adrienne.

John moved to Pearl River in 1969 and became involved with the Ancient Order of Hibernians by joining Division V, South Orangetown. He served Division V as Recording Secretary and as Division President. John also served as Co-Chairman and Chairman of the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade for over ten years. He has served on the County Board as Recording Secretary and for the past four years as County Board President. He is a past recipient of Division V’s Man of the Year award. John served as Grand Marshal of the Rockland County Parade in 1978.

John is presently working as the confidential assistant to the Orange Town Supervisor

 Jim Normoyle – 1994

Jim Normoyle was born in the South Bronx (St Peter and Paul’s Parish). His mother May Heffernan hailed from Thurles, County Tipperary, and his father from Kilmihil, County Clare. Upon the death of his father at an early age he moved to Thurles where he received his primary and secondary education from the Christian Brothers of Ireland. It was in Thurles in the shadow of the Galtee Mountains, a sector of the country that ever since the first landing of the invaders has played a major role in the long and weary fight for Irish freedom, that Jim developed his sense of Irish history, its culture and his love of the Irish Langua
At the age of seventeen Jim returned to New York and at the outbreak of the Korean War enlisted in the United States Air Force. Upon discharge from the Air Force he met and married Nan Meehan from Drimboarty, County Donegal. They are the proud parents of five children, Seamus, Kevin, Brendan, Noreen and Peggy, grandparents of Michelle, Benjamin, Sarah and Conor. Jim continued his education and completed an undergraduate degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University and postgraduate at Fordham University. He is presently Northeastern Regional Sales Manager for Pulse Communications, a division of Hubbel Inc.
In 1962 Jim and Nan moved to Stony Point where he became a member of the newly reactivated Division I, AOH. He was a steadfast member since, and including President of Division I has served in a number of capacities on Division and County level. While County Chairman of Catholic Action he coordinated with the Orange County AOH in forming Our Lady of Knock regional committee. His interest in promoting our Irish Culture quickly got him involved in the Rockland County Feis where he has served as co-chairman and has been Treasurer since 1980. Jim has also been active in his parish at Immaculate Conception having served as reader and was a charter member of the Men’s Club in the parish.
Jim’s hope is “that by example and creating in the home an awareness of our Irish Culture we shall inculcate in future generations a pride and knowledge in their heritage.”

Cyril Hughes – 1995

Cyril “Cy” Hughes, a Nanuet resident, is the 1995 “Hibernian of the Year” as selected by the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians. One of three children, Cy was born to Peter and Lily Hughes in St. Mary’s, Clontibret, County Monaghan. Educated there in local schools, Cy immigrated to the United States in 1963. He enlisted in the United States Army where he served with distinction in Korea from 1964 to 1966, attaining rank of Sergeant. Upon his discharge in 1966, he continued his education at Queens Community College and graduated with an associate’s degree in Civil Engineering. In 1967 he met and married Peggy O’Keefe from Cragg Abbeyfeale, County limerick. They are the proud parents of two children, Kelli and Joseph. In 1970, Cy joined the New York City Transit Authority (MABSTOA) division. Starting as a bus cleaner, he has worked his way up over the past 24 years and is presently Director of Bus Maintenance Training. He also continued with his military service and is presently a Technical Sergeant with the 105 Civil Engineering Company at Stewart Air Force Base, Newburgh, New York.

Cy and Peggy moved to Nanuet in 1969 whereupon he joined Division I Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians. At the present time he is President of Division I, Treasurer of the Rockland County Board A.O.H, and the moving force behind many fundraising efforts. Cy has always been active in Irish affairs, having also served as Treasurer and Vice President of the M.A.S.T.O.A, Emerald Society. His interests in promoting our Irish culture quickly got him involved in the Rockland County Feis. Cy’s hope is “…that by example and creating in the home an awareness of our Irish culture, we shall instill in future generations a pride and knowledge in their Irish heritage.”

Martin Daniel Fogarty – 1996

Martin Daniel Fogarty was born on December 24th 1937 to Martin (Ballymurphy, County Carlow) and Anne Higgins (Tourlestrane, County Sligo) Fogarty. The eldest of four children Martin grew up in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. He attended St Johns Grammar School, Manhattan Prep. And graduated from Manhattan College in 1960 with a degree in civil engineering and attended Fordham Law School.
Martin and his wife, Maureen are the proud parents of Mary, Annmarie, Martin, Marguerite, and Kerry. The Fogarty children are graduates of Albertus Magnus High School, in Bardonia. Mary and Marguerite attended Manhattan College, where Kerry is a senior, Martin, Jr. and Annmarie attended St Thomas Aquinas College.
A twenty-eight year resident of Blauvelt, Martin is a Knight of Columbus, a member of St. Catharine’s Parish, and served as director of St.Catharine’s Basketball Program during the 1980’s. He fondly recalls coaching the Rockland County CYO Champion Debs team 1986, as well as the South Orangetown Little League Softball Champions in 1984. Having five children has kept him involved in youth sports, including the Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association.

Professionally, Mr. Fogarty is the President of Fogarty-LaValle Associates, Manufacturers representatives for water treatment equipment. He is a registered Professional Engineer in New York State and past chairman of the Metropolitan Chapter of the New York Water Pollution Control Federation. A member of both the American Society of Civil Engineers and American Water Works Association, he is also past President of the Manhattan College “Plumbers” club.
Mr. Fogarty is past Recording Secretary of the Rockland County Board Ancient Order of Hibernians. He is past President of Division V, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association. A founding member of both the Rockland County Feis and Northern Aid, he was the first Treasurer of Northern Aid. He was Grand Marshal of the 1976 Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Aide to the Grand Marshal in New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 17th, 1989. A member of the County Carlow Association, he was Captain of the 1963 Offaly Football Club Junior Team.
Martin, the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians thanks you for your years of support. Congratulations on being selected as our “Hibernian of the year”.

Denis Troy – 1997

Denis M. Troy was born in the Bronx to Peter and Catherine (Delaney) Troy of NYC in 1947. His Grandparents were from Tipperary, Mayo and Limerick. The oldest of three children, Denis grew up in the Fordham/Grand concourse section of the Bronx. He attended Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School, St Nicholas of Tolentine H.S. (where he met his lovely wife-Beatrice) and Manhattan College. Upon graduation from Manhattan Denis began teaching Mathematics at Stepinac High School and then St. Raymond’s High School for boys.

In 1971 Denis and Beatrice Rogers were married. They are the proud parents of a married daughter-Kathleen Maier, a district manager for The Great American Backrub; Michael, presently a junior at Boston College; Daniel – a senior at Pearl River High School, and Patrick (1st grader at Lincoln Avenue). In 1978 after obtaining an MBA from Iona College, Denis started working with AT&T in the computer systems area where he stayed for eighteen years. Presently he is working with IBM-Global Solutions as a systems development manager.

An eighteen-year resident of Pearl River, Denis has been active in St. Margaret’s Parish, particularly with CYO basketball. Also, he has been associated with Pearl River Little League in a variety of positions for the past 16 years. Presently Denis is serving as County Legislator from Orangetown.

Denis joined Division III in Pearl River as the Hunger Strikes were beginning in 1981. He has held various offices in the Division – Treasurer for five years, Vice President two years and just completed three years as President. He instituted scholarship’s for sons and daughters of Division members (over $10,000 the past 3 years), doubled the membership to over 400, helped bring the Great Hunger to Pearl River school district curriculum, started Division III sports teams, and supported various other local charitable causes (like the Kerry/Venture Exchange program) through fund raising efforts. He also worked on the Feis for many years.

Richard Caunitz – 1998

Richard Caunitz, a Nanuet resident, is the 1998 “Hibernian of the year” as voted by the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians. The younger of two children, Rich was born to Joseph and Mary Caunitz of New York City in 1940. His Grandparents were from Cork and Limerick. Growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, he attended St. Francis Prep in Williamsburg and graduated from Brooklyn College of the City of New York with a BS in accounting. Upon college graduation, Rich enlisted in the National Guard and served in a combination of active service and reserve duty with the U.S. Army. His first accounting position was at the headquarters of Texaco, inc. in New York City and five years later he joined IBM where he completed 27 years of financial management in January 1995. Today Rich is Assistant to the President and CEO at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.

In 1971 Rich married Maureen Kelly from Washington Heights and they are the proud parents of Colleen, a Manhattan College Graduate, and Brian, a soon-to-be Siena College graduate. Rich and Maureen have been active members of St. Anthony’s Parish in Nanuet and Rich has taught CCD classes, served on the PTA, was a Cub Scout Den Leader and was Vice President of the Parish Council. He was also an executive committee member of the Albertus Magnus High School PTA and has also served on the allocations committee of the United Way of Rockland County and is presently Program Chairman of the Rockland County PC Users Group. A current member of the Clarkstown Republican Executive Committee, Rich served as Clarkstown County Legislature from 1992 through 1995. He was Honoree of the year for the Good Counsel Home in 1993 and Man of the Year of the Rockland County Federation of Catholic School Parents in 1994. Rich is currently an advisory board member of the New Yorkers for Choice in Education and the New York State American Family Association.

Rich joined The Ancient Order of Hibernians Division II, in New City in 1989 and was subsequently voted Aide to the Grand Marshal in the Rockland County St. Patrick’s day parade in Pearl River in 1991. He has also held the positions of Division Financial Secretary and Scholarship Committee Chairman. He is presently Division Treasurer and “Webmaster” of the Division Internet Committee while serving as the Catholic Action Chairman of the County AOH Committee. Rich and Maureen have been extensively involved with Project Children and have hosted the Savage brothers (Paul and Joseph) from Horn Drive, West Belfast for six summers to their home. Rich reflects “that is so important to the people of Belfast that we show our support for their right to religious and economic freedom. The present peace process can make dreams possible for all, and our prayers and support can make this process work

 Mary O’Sullivan – 1999

Mary is a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division III. Past Mary O’Sullivan – 1999

Mary O’Sullivan, our 1999 “Hibernian of the Year is a native of Rockland County. She began life in Sparkill in 1941, the fourth of four children and the only daughter of Grace Smith Crable and Augustine Crable. Anastasia Burke Smith, her maternal Grandmother, grew up in Tralee, County Kerry.

In a very different Rockland County, Mary attended local schools, a grammar school in Piermont now the site of an apartment complex, and the old Tappan Zee High School, also in Piermont. St John’s Parish School of Religion in the village draws her back to the area each week because she has taught CCD there for over 30 years. Four years at Ladycliff College in Highland Falls with Graduation in 1963 easily melded into a teaching position in the South Orangetown School District in the same year. As she takes on a new generation of children, some of whose parents she once taught. She remains an active member of her professional union, EASO, the Education Association of South Orangetown.

Mary’s marriage in 1981to Cornelius T O’Sullivan, her beloved Neil brought new interest to her life. The extended Crable family became the extended Crable-Sullivan family. Three Grandchildren – Ryan, the son of Eleanor and Bruce Handelsman, and Darcie and Dana, the daughters of Laura and Neil O’Sullivan – add joy and excitement to her home in Pearl River. She is a parishioner of St Aedan’s in the hamlet.

In Mary’s four trips to Ireland, one prior to her marriage and three with Neil, her interest in the history and culture provided days of discovery and insight. There was, of course, the search for and contact with roots and family but also the feel for what makes Ireland so special. Clonmacnoise! – A seat of learning when much of Europe was enveloped in the Dark Ages. The beehive on the Dingle Peninsula! – A watertight stone cone giving testimony to ancient skills. Westport! – For the music always a part of the Irish heart. Northern Ireland! _ So obvious in need for peace.activities have included work on the Rockland County Feis and hosting a child of Northern Ireland who enjoyed two pleasant summers in her home through Project Children. The O’Sullivan home has operated routinely as committee headquarters for our Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. On the Sunday after the New York City parade, we all respond to the Bagpipers, Irish contingents, community groups and children of many backgrounds who march on that day. Mary became involved and, after Neil’s death, took up the chairmanship with John. Her equilibrium, organizational skills and humor help foster its success. As we approach the year 2000, we are confident that the best of our Irish heritage will take flight into the twenty-first century.

Martin Hickey – 2000


Martin Hickey, a West Nyack resident, is our Millennium Hibernian of the year, as selected by the Ancient Order of Hibernians. He was born in the year 1942, the third child of Martin and Mary (nee Nagle) Hickey in Golden, County Tipperary, Ireland. For many years, he was the middle son of five boys, but in 1960 his sister Breda arrived to make it an even family of six. After being educated in the local schools, Martin immigrated to London, England, in 1961. Where he obtained first hand experience as an immigrant in a foreign and hostile country.

In 1963, he set sail for the more friendly shores of the United States, where he secured a position with New York Telephone Company. A year later, he enlisted in the United States Navy, and served at sea, off the Cuban coast. Next, his ship was commissioned to off load American citizens from Greece during the overthrow of the Greek King. During his final year at sea, his Destroyer oversaw the troubled areas of the North African coast. On return to the United States, he was honorably discharged with the rank of Torpedo Man, Second Class, Petty Officer, and resumed his career with New York Telephone Company. At the divestiture of AT&T, he selected AT&T as the company in which to continue his career.

In 1971, Martin met and married Theresa Gallagher from Ayle, Feakle, County Clare, and settled in Brooklyn. They are the proud parents of three children, Mary Catherine, Theresa Denise and Martin Gallagher, whom they raised in West Nyack.

After 27 years of combined service, he retired from AT&T in 1990 at the age of 47 years. In the spring of 1991, he joined the staff of New York University as a senior Telecommunications analyst, where he is presently employed.

Martin joined the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division II, in the late 1980’s. He had served as Vice President for three years before becoming President of the Division in 1994. He has been a driving force in promoting and funding the scholarship program, and was instrumental in securing a Website for Division II. His main thrust is securing new membership for the Division, particularly young members. For Martin, being chosen Hibernian of the year 2000 is a proud and honorable feat that will be cherished by him for the rest of his life.

Betty Lynch – 2001


Betty Lynch was born in Cullen, County Tipperary, Ireland, to Patrick Nihill from Cullen and Nora Ryan who hailed from Luke, County Limerick.  Betty married a New York City police officer, Bill Lynch, and they were blessed with three children, Patricia, Bridget and William, who in turn gave them seven beautiful grandchildren.  Bill was president of Division IV in Suffern, New York, and passed away in 1989.  Together, they ran the St Patrick’s Day Dance at St Joan of Arc Parish in Sloatsburg from 1969 through 1991, both financially and culturally successful. (Just a brief note, St Joan of Arc Parish was only sixteen percent Irish).

Betty started volunteer work at a very young age.  She campaigned for air conditioning for her Parish of Our Lady of Angels Church.  They were the first parish to get this convenience in the Bronx.  This Angel of Mercy worked for the Cardinal’s Annual Catholic Charities Appeal, raising thousands and thousands of dollars from 1955 to the present.  She was an integral part of the following facets of St. Joan of Arc Parish life: Captain of the 300 Club for the past eight years, singer in the choir in the past thirty-seven years. E.O.M. for the past eighteen years; visits the sick with the choir, and sings Christmas Carols every year, helps prepare and serve Christmas dinner every year for the elderly ladies at the Sloatsburg Community Home, works with Mother Seton Guild Christmas Sale to raise funds for the Children for Religion.  

Betty was a founding member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division IV in Suffern in 1966, and installed the present Division One in 1976.  She has worked yearly on the present Emerald Ball Journal.  She chaired the first Annual A.O.H. Dinner Dance of Division IV, L.A.O.H. thereby obtaining a check for Good Samaritan Hospital for cancer treatments for those children who could not afford the services.  Speaking of children, Betty Lynch helps form the Human Life Chain at the Four Corners at Nanuet, New York, standing with her parish priest, Fr. John McKenna.  This is a large annual demonstration supporting life in Rockland County.  Like the delivery of mail, Betty is there in any type of weather.

The Rockland County A.O.H. Feis is lucky to have Betty coordinate all of the Masses in Irish and in English. She finds the priest to say Mass in Irish and one to be available from the Parish Masses they already say.  She obtains the altar boys and girls, gets the vestments for the priests, the chalices, set up the altar at the site, microphones, tables, cloths, etc.

  In 1992, Betty was elected as Rockland County Aide to the Grand Marshal in New York City. The Twinning Committee of Ramapo and Doneraille, County Cork honored her, in 1995.  In 1999, Cardinal O’Connor honored Betty for the years that she has worked for the Cardinals appeal.  In 1995, the men and women of Division I at the Annual Dinner Dance also honored her.  We tried to total the years that Betty has put into all of the above, and came up with a modest sum of one hundred and seventy nine years.  More importantly, it is imperative to say here that Betty never complains.  She always attains her goals, and then some.  She’s a dynamo of a woman, a lady always, and to quote the famous author we all knew, just a week before he died, Fr. Peter Lappin, S.D.B. said “We have to do something for Betty”.  Well, Betty, there you have it!

Mike Dempsey – 2002

Although he does it in his own quiet, reserved way, Mike Dempsey is a man with a mission.  Mike immigrated to the U.S. as an eight-year old with his parents, Jack and Peg (Haughney), and sister Lucia.  The Dempsey family sailed into New York Harbor on the S.S. Ryandum the day after Thanksgiving 1957, landing in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Attending Lady Queen of Martyrs Grammar School, Mike held the record for the fastest sprint medley relay team in the country at the Bishop DuBois High School in Harlem, before graduating in 1966.  He became a U.S. citizen in May of that year.  He took his first job with Chase Manhattan Bank as an 18-year-old, just out of High School, before being drafted into the U.S. Army in 1966.  Mike served as an Army prison guard for two years during the Viet Nam War.  Discharged in 1968, Mike went back to work at Chase Manhattan Bank, and attended Manhattan College at night.  He married his wife of 28 years, Helena Casey (whose family is from County Armagh, in 1972, and moved to Pearl River in 1975.  

After Manhattan College, Mike attended the American Institute of Banking in New York.  He became an assistant treasurer of Chase in 1975 and a second Vice President in 1980 and in 1989; Mike became President of the Chase Security Processing Corp.  He worked for the bank for a total of 35 years, retiring as a vice President in January of this year.  

Mike’s two children, son Michael Sean (26) and daughter Emily (20) are the pride of his life. Michael is a graduate of S.U.N.Y. Cortlandt, and works at Consumer Reports Magazine.  He will marry his fiancée, Jennifer, in June.  Emily, a star varsity soccer player, is a junior at Springfield College in Massachusetts, and wants to be a teacher after she graduates.  Mike and Helena often travel to Massachusetts to see their daughter play.  A former player with the County Louth G.A.A. team, Mike coached in the Orangetown Mighty Midgets Soccer League for 14 years, and also managed Emily’s Clarkstown soccer team from 1996 to 1999.  He was umpire with the Pearl River Little League from 1992 to 1994.  

Mike joined Division III of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Pearl River in 1976, beginning a record of service to the community that he is most proud.  Mike was Division III’s historian from 1980 to 1987, and ran an annual children’s Christmas party for five years during that time.  He was Vice President from 1986 to 1988, and again 1993 to 1996.  He was President of Division III for three years from 1997 to 1999, and is now in his second year as treasurer of the Hibernian House. He also spent one year as recording secretary to the Rockland County A.O.H.   

One of the proudest accomplishments Mike had as President was seeing Division III’s membership double, from 250 members to more than 500, in three years.  While he was rental chairman, Division III paid-off the mortgage on the Hibernian House, and, under past President Denis Troy, Mike helped establish the scholarship fund, now in its ninth year.  The fund has distributed more than $40,000 in scholarships to member’s children since 1994.  Along with brothers Quinton Van Wynen, Denis Troy and John Murphy, Mike helped raise more than $13,000 for the St. Catharine’s Community Center in Carlow in 1999, and raised more than $5,000 for the Brian Pearson Defense Fund at the premiere of the movie Michael Collins at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts center in 1998.  “There’s a great opportunity for peace and democracy in Ireland today, and there’s a great opportunity in Rockland County for the Irish community to support those goals,” Mike said. “But only if there’s unity.”

Senator Thomas Morahan - 2003

Senator Thomas Morahan, New City, is serving his second term representing the citizens of Rockland and the Orange county towns of Tuxedo, Minisink, and Warwick. Senator Morahan’s standing committee assignments 2002: Veterans and Military Affairs (Chair); Agriculture; Banks; Children and Families; Education; Health; local Government; Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.

A major priority of Senator Morahan and the Senate Majority in 2000 was to help NYS Senior Citizens cope with the high cost of prescription drugs through Epic+. He was also the prime sponsor of a nationally acclaimed program that affects communities throughout New York State, Project Save or the Safe Schools Against Violence Education Act.
For the 2001 legislation session, Senator Monahan’s priorities include energy, education, health care and tax cuts. Senator Morahan’s priorities extend beyond legislation. He spends a good deal of time in Rockland and Orange communities, listening to the people’s concerns and doing all he can to address their issues and improve the quality of life for everyone.
A hallmark of Senator Morahan’s public service is working totally bipartisan with his colleagues in his efforts dealing with the needs of his constituents. That is why he is known as the legislator who gets the job done!

For the 2002 legislation session, Senator Morahan’s priorities include Energy, Women’s Health Issues, Recovery from WTC Disaster and NYS Emergency Preparedness.

Helen Morahan, the former Helen Killion, married the Senator on October 18, 1952. They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year.
Helen Morahan was born in Queens, New York, and raised in a single family home after her father, a New York City police officer, was slain in the line of duty. She was educated in New York City, and employed by Warner Brothers Studios. The Morahan household grew with the birth of five daughters: Margaret, Helen, Maureen, Joan and Nancy. They moved from Queens to New City, in Rockland County. The family became active members of St. Augustine’s Parish, and Helen served as President of Catholic Big Sisters.

Helen Morahan was then employed by St. Thomas Aquinas College, in Sparkill. New York. With the birth of two more daughters, Eileen and Terri, Helen became a full time homemaker. As their daughters married, the family continued to grow, and they are the proud grandparents to 17 grandchildren.

Pat and Dan Barry – 2004

Pat was born in Manhattan to Madelin and Patrick Donohue from County Mayo. When she was two, her family moved to Belle Harbor in Rockaway Beach, Queens. She attended St. Francis de Sales Grammar school and Stella Maris High School, both in Rockaway Beach. After school, Pat worked as an assistant in a doctor’s office. She then went to work for Household Finance Corp, in New York City, where she met her husband-to-be, Dan. Dan and Pat were married in 1963 at St. Francis de Sales Church. Their oldest three children were born in Rockaway Beach Hospital.
Dan and Pat moved to Pearl River in 1967, and are parishioners of St Margaret’s church. They are the proud parents of four children, Patrick, Meg, Christopher and Daniel, They also have three lovely daughters in law, Joann, Kim and Kristin, and eight grandchildren, Beth, P.J., Daniel, Michael, Madelin, Liam, Mackenzie and Tristan.
Born in Jersey City, Dan is a son of John and Edna Barry. His grandparents emigrated from Clare and Kerry. After attending St. Aloysius Grammar and High Schools, he graduated from St. Peters College in 1957. Dan then went to work for Household Finance and Marine midland Bank. While at the bank, an opportunity arose for him to transfer to Rockland County.
Dan and Pat became active at St. Margaret’s, and chaired the first New Years Eve dance in 1971. Dan was also active in bingo for many years, and Pat was active in all aspects of St Margaret’s School and Church.
Joining Division III in 1977, Dan has worked on many fundraisers, the Feis, Senior luncheons, as treasurer of the Division, and on other committees, along with chairing the Emerald Ball with Pat for the past fifteen Years.
Pat joined Division III LAOH over 20 years ago, holding many positions, including secretary, financial secretary (at present), numerous terms as President and Vice President. She also has co-chaired the County Communion Breakfast, and worked on many fundraisers for her Division. She runs the Annual Communion Dinner with her good friend Mae Kreider, and has chaired the music instrument competition at the Feis for the past two years.
The Barry’s are very proud of their family, their heritage, LAOH and AOH Division III. They want to thank everyone involved in granting them this wonderful honor.

Pat Tully – 2005


Pat was born in Manhattan to Ellen Rose of County Leitrim and Patrick Tully of County Galway. One of seven children, he was raised in the Bronx and attended St. Josephs Grammar School and Cardinal Hayes High School. Pat received his diploma from the DeWitt Clinton High School.

During his High School years, Pat got his first job with Safeway Stores Inc. After he graduated, he began working full time and became the supermarket’s assistant manager. In 1962, he was promoted to store manager, a position he held until 1975, when he went on to become the district manager for Finast Supermarkets.

Soon After, Pat decided to take a position as manager of domestic distribution with the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., a job he held until he retired in December 2004.

Pat married his beloved wife Olga in 1964 and moved to Pearl River in 1969, where they had their daughter Tara. “She is the best girl in the world”, Pat says. “She brought a lot of love and happiness to Olga and me.”

Pat joined AOH Division III in 1982 and played a big part in the many fundraisers and charitable events the Division held for its scholarship fund.

“I liked being part of something that was helping people,” he said. “A lot of what we do is for people in the community that may be in financial trouble or need money for medical expenses or personal problems.”

As an officer of the Hibernian House for many years, Pat says he was impressed with the senior citizens luncheon and the children’s Christmas parties the Division sponsors each year.

The Tully family felt the generosity of Division III firsthand when Olga became ill and passed away on Mothers Day 2003.

“It was a troubled time for me and Tara. I feel much gratitude to Division III because we received a lot of help and support from them during that time,” he says.

Tara was married in August 2004 to Hugh O’Brien of the Bronx. The couple and the happy grandfather are expecting a new arrival this June.

“We are all very excited about this joyous occasion,” Pat says. “I think we’ll all be very happy then.”

Pat says he is very honored and moved by being selected as the 2005 Hibernian of the year by the AOH and LAOH Divisions in Rockland County. “This gives me great satisfaction. It’s a great honor,” he says.  “My goal in life is to continue helping people where ever I can.”

Phillip Sheridan 2006

Phillip Sheridan was born to Frank Sheridan and Mary Garrabrandt in Nyack, New York, 65 years ago. He received an elementary education at St Dominic, followed by Nyack Junior High, ultimately graduating Pearl River High School. In addition to a basic education, he received specialized training at the former Pearl River Annex of the BOCES Machine Shop.

Phil married Linda Fregeau of Sparkill, New York, and they have been married for nearly 40 years. They have three children: Timothy, Lisa and Tracy, and four grandchildren.

Never a stranger to a hard day’s work, Phil has worked at some diversified jobs. These have included tool and die work, merchant seaman, carpenter, heavy equipment, rigor, driver and operator.

Additionally, together with his wife, they owned and operated a diner/bakery and a retail store in upstate New York. He also owned and managed a home improvement business locally.

Now retired from the Operating Engineers Union, Phil finds more time to do things in the community. He is currently the Vice President of Division III AOH, a member of the Pearl River Elks. In his retirement, he has found the time to hone his culinary skills, and he enjoys cooking at the various outings and fundraisers of the organizations to which he belongs. From breakfast to barbecue, you will find Phil at the grill.

A great nephew of General Phillip H. Sheridan, Phil has a great deal of interest in the Civil War. He is involved in historical reenactments, and has portrayed the General at several events.  

 Tim O Neill 2007

Our 2007 Hibernian of the year is detective Sergeant Tim O’Neill of the Clarkstown Police Department. Tim has over 29 years of service, beginning his career with the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department, Correction Division, and joining the Clarkstown Police in 1978. After joining the police force, Tim almost immediately became involved with the police union, serving as Clarkstown PBA Vice President, and was then elected for three terms as President of the Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. Tim has held numerous assignments since that time, including patrol sergeant, director of the county intelligence task force, and the department’s public information officer. Tim presently serves as a detective sergeant, supervising school security and the DARE and School Resource Officers in Clarkstown’s five high schools, two Junior high schools and twenty five elementary schools. 

Tim has served on several occasions as the security liaison for President Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and other dignitaries of the Sinn Fein Party in their numerous visits to Rockland County. He has also traveled to the North of Ireland as security director for New York City Police Detective Steven McDonald on his missions for peace and reconciliation.
A graduate of the FBI National Academy, Tim holds a bachelor degree from Mercy College and a master’s degree from Long Island University. He was selected the 1998 Rockland County AOH St. Patrick’s Day Parade Commander, Irish Northern Aid 2004 Man of the Year, the 2005 Leadership Rockland Leader of the Year, and the One-to-One Learning Program 2006 Citizen of the Year.

A member of AOH Division #1, Tim, on St. Patrick’s Day, can be found on the Avenue commentating the cablevision show with co-host Pat Murphy-Stark. He is a long time member of the Rockland County Feis Committee.
Tim sits on the board of directors of several not-for profit’s, including Leadership Rockland and 21 C Collaborative for Children and Youth. He is the founder of Children of Promise Stable, known as the COPS Barn, a therapeutic equestrian program, on the grounds of St Agatha’s Home in Nanuet, New York. During 2002 Barn fundraising, Tim successfully sat on a horse for 48 continuous hours.

In January 2004, Tim was elected councilman to the Stony Point Town Board, a position he still holds. He lives in Stony Point with his wife Patty and their daughter Meghan, who is presently attending Notre Dame Law School.

Carmel Reilly 
2008 Hibernian of The Year

A proud member of the AOH for the past eight years, Carmel Reilly has been involved in numerous activities along the way. Her Irish pride and commitment to the AOH and its causes resulted in her being bestowed this well deserved honor.

Carmel is the daughter of Matt and Moira Reilly, fellow Hibernians from Blauvelt where she grew up, along with her three sisters. The family's Irish heritage was proudly incorporated into everyday life, and Irish step-dancing lessons resulted in Carmel being a participant in Rockland County's first ever Feis in 1974.

Through the years, Carmel has participated in all things Irish: St. Patrick's Day parades, Irish Festivals, Feiseanna to mention just a few events. As a child, she spent time sitting in her parent's living room listening to WFUV on Sunday afternoons as she honed her love of her parent's native land and later studied Ireland's history in depth.

Joined the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 3 in the fall of 2001, and quickly joined the Rockland County St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. In 2003, she was part of the newly formed Halfway to St. Patrick's Day committee. As chairperson of the committee's highly successful Night at the Races, over $20,000 was raised for the Rockland County St. Patrick's Day Parade over the next two years.
As a Ladies AOH member, Carmel was always ready to volunteer to help out. She has been the chairperson for over a dozen Christmas and St. Patrick's Day dinners. She has been a steady fixture at the Rockland County AOH/LAOH Feis for several years and was a co-chairperson, along with Michael O'Sullivan, of the Feis journal for two years.

In 2004, Carmel began raising funds for the Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association. Carmel and her good friend, John Lowry, developed an 8-week Pub Quiz which was a great success. The Pub Quiz is now midway through its 5th season and is storming along - bigger and better than ever!
In 2006, Carmel and John joined some friends and invested in two racehorses managed by West Point Thoroughbreds - and one of those, Tater Tutt recently won his fifth race from his last six starts. So the winner's circle is now one of Carmel's favorite places to be!
A Dominican College alumnus, Carmel is employed as the Treasury/Budget Manager for Common Ground, an organization that helps the homeless find housing. Carmel, an enthusiastic fan of the Yankees and Giants, resides in Pearl River.

From working with the AOH county board assisting hurricane victims or sending a notice of a fundraiser to hundreds of supporters, Carmel tirelessly gives her time and energy to the AOH. Carmel is a proud member of the Ladies AOH but the LAOH should be proud to have such a dedicated individual among their ranks. Carmel thanks the Rockland County Ancient Order of Hibernians for this wonderful honor. She is humbled. God Bless.

Denis Sullivan
2009 Hibernian of The Year

Denis was born in Westchester Square Hospital, located in the Bronx, New York, to the late Daniel and Margaret (Kearney) Sullivan. His father was from Kilgarvan, County Kerry; his mother was from Moyvane, County Kerry. Upon his graduation from Holy Spirit Grammar School, All Hollows High School and Manhattan College, Denis joined IBM. He retired from IBM in 1992.

In 1981, Denis married his lovely wife, Christine Hunter, and they have resided in Pomona for the last 28 Years. They are the proud parents of Daniel, Kelly and Kathryn.

Daniel graduated from New Jersey City University and is currently teaching music in the Teaneck, New Jersey, School District. Kelly graduated from Cortland University. Kathryn is in the fifth grade at Lime Kiln School.

A 12-year member of the AOH Division II, Denis was past treasurer and past President of Division II. He has chaired the Division’s golf outing for the last 10 years. He is the past Vice President and President of the Rockland County AOH; member of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in Rockland County; Past President of Albertus Magnus High School Parents Club; Member of the Haverstraw Elks 877. He was also Division II aide to the Grand Marshal in the Rockland County St. Patrick’s day Parade.

Denis and Christine are parishioners at St. Boniface Church, Wesley Hills. Denis served as Vice President, President and trustee to the Cardinal for the St. Boniface Parish Council.He is truly grateful to the men and women of the AOH who have nominated him and bestowed the honor of Rockland County Hibernian of the year

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